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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 19: Dark Felucia, Part 2

Updated on December 27, 2008

Keep going along the wall and you will find a slope that goes to a bunker.  You will need to Z-push the doors open, and you will find yourself in a place with a few more bunkers.  Destroy all the troops and other enemies, and you will find yourself Holocron 144 behind a certain bunker.  When you get to another bunker inside, jump to the top where a large dish antenna will be.  You will now have Holocron 145. 


Keep going up until you reach another bunker.  Destroy all troops there and you will then have to clear the area of two barrels to find Holocron 146.  Atop the building is a green Health Holocron. 


Keep going up a path and you will have to face off with some more troopers.  You can then see a cut scene where you will learn the location of Senator Organa. 


Retrace your steps back to the big wide area, and you will have to face off with a bunch of troopers on the way.  Now, you will have to face the Bull Rancor.  You might notice the Force Holocron, and nearby is the Health Holocron.  Get them both, but definitely concentrate on killing the Bull Rancor.  


Yeah, there really isn’t any better strategy of killing the bull rancor than using some of your lightning and lightsaber attacks, along with some things you can throw at him.  Occassionally, you can do some special moves on it that can increase its damage, but it will eventually fall.  And fall it will! 


When you have defeated the Rancor, there is doorway that has to be forced open.  There is a Lightsaber Hilt, and then you should blast through the doorway and take on a few plantmen.  From there, you need to jump atop of some purple flowers on the left and grab Holocron 147, and you also find Holocron 148.  There is some green rocky pillars Holocron 149. 


You will soon come to another door that you must burst through. From there, go ahead and face off with Maris Brood and the Rancor.  The important thing to do is to get the last Holocron, so pick up Holocron 150 before the battle ends. 


Not only do you have to do with Maris, but she will call a few of her plant people out to attack you as well.  Try and take them out as good as you can.  Eventually, you will need to take out a Rancor, but just use the same strategy as you did on the last rancor, and that should about do it. 


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