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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 2: Prologue, Part 1

Updated on December 27, 2008

Here is the opening area where you get to play Darth Vader, for a limited time only.  In case you are wondering, there isn’t any rewards around this area, but there are about 20 Holocrons in total at this Darth Vader level.  The first one appears quite late in this ball game, and I’ll let you know when it does. 


About the only thing that is here to do in this first landing area is to use the force push on the area of shields in front of you.  Go ahead and keep on walking up to where the troopers are.  You can kill them if you want to, because hey, you’re a Sith Lord.    


There really isn’t much to do here but walking on ramps, and killing off Wookees.  You will learn how to use your powers like lightsaber and levitate, and you will eventually make it into this room with a circular hallway. 


If you go to the right, you will find a space with a red healing container.  You’ll be looking for those a lot in the game, believe me.  You will also find a door that requires the Z power force push to open.  This won’t be the last time you use that one.


Now you will start to get some Holocrons.  Feel free to get them at a time that is convenient to you, like when all the Wookees are out of the way and then When you leave this circular area and head down  ramp from here, you will find the first Holocron.  Go ahead and claim Holocron 1.  From here, there is sort of a crossroads, so go ahead and go to the left and get Holocron 2. 


Keep going and there is something here that looks like a fountainhead without water.  Holocron 3 will be underneath it, so use the Force to move it and get it.  You will find Holocron 4 behind a machine near the wall. 


Keep on going and you will find some burning wreckage, and the Holocron 5 will be to your left, only slightly hidden underneath some stairs.  You will eventually come to what I guess I can describe as a gazebo on Kashyyyk.  Holocron 6 will be located underneath one of these fountain things.  . 


Holocron 7 will be in the path and to the left, so go ahead and get it.  Holocron 8 will be somewhere to the left of a barrel-shaped thing as you go on. 


Holocron 9 is located right in the middle of a bridge as you keep going.  You would actually have to try not to get it.  Holocron 10 is then stashed in a corner, similar to where you found Holocron 2.  Did someone duplicate the scenery here?


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