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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 21: Imperial Raxus Prime, Part 2

Updated on December 27, 2008

From here, there is a Lightsaber Hilt, but it is very difficult to get.  What you need to is go to the other end of this area, where you will see a ledge above the door where you came in.  Double jump to it.  You probably won’t get it on the first try.  In fact, I really had a hard time getting it and wanted to throw my Wiimote at the screen.  The worst thing is if you miss it, you have to do all these tricks to get up there all over again.  Dang! 


Leave the room and take out the Imperials in the next one.  If you jump to the top, you will find a ledge with a Red Lightsaber Crystal.  Remove the computer consoles and you will find Holocron 156 and Holocron 157.


From here it is a room with some lava rivers.  You have to destroy the generators, but you need to cross the lava rivers.  Unlike other video games, you will not die if you fall into one of these magma rivers, but you will lose some health.  The Jedi burst of speed can cross them, or you can also jump on levitated debris.  When you cross the first magma river, you will find Holocron 158 underneath a computer console.  Take out all generators and Imperials there, and then make your way up by levitating debris, jumping up on it, and then destroy the reactors.  On one end is a pile of boxes, that, when moved, will reveal Holocron 159. 


Destroy all reactors to get Holocron 160, right in front of the force field.  There is a Force Holocron here that you can get, but it is in between these two molten rivers.  There are two stormtroopers shooting at you, and if you jump to where they are, you will see the Force Holocron, but it is a difficult jump to make. 


There is a big Force field in your way.  You need to chop the thing on your right to get it, and use the force on the thing on the inside to keep going. 


Keep going down the hall and get rid of the stormtroopers.  You will soon come to a room that has a ramp in it.  If you push all the crates, and then remove a console to your left, you should have Holocron 161.  As you get to the top of the ramp, there is a door to Z-Force through, but don’t do that yet.  Instead, go a little to the right near a turret gun and get Holocron 162. 


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