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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 27: Death Star, Part 2

Updated on December 27, 2008

You will soon come to a place where you must take out a lot of troopers.  From there, just destroy them all.  As you go down one hall, go to the left at some control consoles.  You should stop by and get Holocron 196. 


From there, it becomes the fun game of killing more stormtroopers.  This time, there is a bar to show how much to kill.  There is an elevator at the end of this area, but you should go to a computer console to the right of it to get Holocron 197. 


When you come into this area, it will be time to smash through the door.  Take out as many Imperials as you can, and then go and get the Holocron.  It is somewhat difficult, because it is located to the left as you came in.  You have to levitate something to get to a platform, and then jump to get to a higher platform for Holocron 198. 


Time to face yet another AT-ST.  However, you will want to jump up on a platform on the wall to the left to get the Orange Lightsaber Crystal.  Take him out. 


You will then be in a hallway surrounded by lots of troops.  Take them all out, and before you get to a hallway, there will be a console to your left.  Take out the console and get Holocron 199.


Take the elevator, and to the right will be Holocron 200.  Yes.  Now you have them all.  Just keep going from there. 


Now, you will finally face off with Darth Vader, the man who you once were.  The man who trained you, the one who killed your father, the one who…all right, that’s enough.  I found that lightning attacks against him didn’t really do as good this time.  I found that the close range lightsaber attacks also did not work because he is pretty quick.  Of course, you will have to do those tricky prompting moves at the end to defeat him, but that is also no surprise. 


As you continue to beat him, he will lose his armor until he looks like his persona at the end of Return of Jedi.  Now I have heard that there is a choice you get to make for two different endings.  However, I didn’t see this on the Wii version.  Just for the sake of argument, one of the endings consisted of destroying Darth Vader. 


The only ending I remember is when you have to defeat the Emperor.  He is one bad mother—Shut your mouth!  I believe the next portion is about hitting him hard before he hits you.  I wish you luck with your defense, and you will beat him. 


That about concludes this guide.  You should be comforted by the scene of the rebellion being officially formed, thus bridging the gap between the original trilogy and new trilogy. 


So, how come Leia never told Luke about that time when she was being held hostage by the Emperor himself?  Maybe in the next Revised Edition. 


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    • profile image

      Malish 8 years ago

      There are 2 diferent endings on the WII version. After fight with Vader, in the circular room with hostages, walk toward Vader or Emperor, for a dark and light side ending, respectively.

      It´s not Leia that is held hostage by the Emperor. In the Corellia intermission, she is there as a hologram on Proxy. Mon Mothma is who appears dressed in white, and seems like Leia.