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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 3: Prologue, Part 2

Updated on December 27, 2008

Turn a corner, and a big flaming ball will be coming at you.  There is one of those fountain things there, and if you move it with the force, you will have yourself Holocron 11.  You will then come to another one of those weird Wookee gazebos.  Go ahead and move another fountain thing and you will have Holocron 12.


Stashed in a corner is Holocron 13.  It is pretty easy to see.  Keep going and you will soon come to an elevator.  There is one of those weird droids that can shine a hologram, but these never seem to come to play in the game except to tell you where to go.  Hey, I think this was the model of droid that Uncle Owen didn’t buy when he purchased Artoo and Threepio.  Holocron 14 is located behind this one, though. 


Holocron 15 is located right in the center of the elevator.  Do not go into the elevator until you have the other fourteen Holocrons that game before it.  You won’t be able to go back if you go into the elevator.  Apparently, the elevator is set for down only. 


The last five Holocrons are located within the battle with the Wookees.  You will note that you have to defeat a certain number of Wookees, but I would not advise taking out the Wookees until you have the last five Holocrons.  Once you get to the final bad guy or “Boss”, it will be too late to pick them up. 


You will find Holocron 16 in a burned out scaffold of some ship.  You will need to jump in and out to get it.  In that immediate area, sort of nestled in a large tree root or rock, is Holocron 17.  If you keep going to the right here, you will find Holocron 18. Keep going to the right and you will notice a burned out Clone Trooper drop ship.  Holocron 19 will be there.  Holocron 20 is located near some palm trees.  Nothing left to do but take out as many Wookees, then the main bad guy, a Rogue Jedi.


What can I say?  Just keep trying to kill him until he’s dead.  By the way, this is the first time you will use the motion controls on your Wiimote.  Sadly, it took me several tries before I realized the curved arrows signified not only the direction you turn your Wiimote or Nunchuk toward, but the speed.  You will note that it is now about wiggling your Nunchuk or Wiimote at the right time, but how you turn it that matters.  Learn that, and it should be pretty easy to beat. 


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