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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 4: TIE Construction Yard, Part 1

Updated on December 27, 2008

As usual, there is nothing to do but take out a bunch of bad guys.  Since you now have the ability, why not use some lightning?  Go towards the hall with a lot of gunmen.  Be certain to take out all the lighted panels on the side, as well as move all the gigantic metallic panels on the wall.  Without doing this, you will not be able to obtain the Holocron reward that will await you later.


Head up the ramp, and use the Z key to blow open the one door.  Holocron 21 will be waiting for you.  If it isn’t, go back and smash everything on the walls in the last hallway. 


Take out all the troops there, and there will be a hard to reach Holocron.  This will be on a high balcony.  The only way to get is to stand on the stacks of hexagonal TIE Fighter wings and levitate something over these wings.  (For some reason, anything that isn’t levitated over the wings tends to fall.)  As the object is floating, double jump on it, then double jump to the balcony.  You should now have Holocron 22.  There are a lot of Holocrons that have to be obtained in this manners, so get used to this method of retrieval. 


As you go down this hall, you will find that there are a lot of heavy metal panels to remove from the wall.  Go ahead and move them, and behind one of them is Holocron 23.  It is located at the top of a ramp. 


Once you have the next area clear of enemies, go into the corner with the stacked up TIE Fighter wings and use the Z.  You will then have some steps to the next area. 


In one corner of the room, there is a burning barrel-shaped object.  Holocron 24 is located by there. 


In another corner of this room is doorway that requires you to do the extended Z push.  Go into this room and you will find Holocron 25, as well as a bunch of enemy troopers.


Go back out to the main room and use the Force on those TIE fighter wings again.  Don’t be in a rush to go up them.  If you look, you can see a Holocron on a platform there, but if you jump too high and through the shielded floor, you will have no chance in coming back for it.  The best move is to go on this one TIE fighter that serves as an elevator.  When this TIE Fighter gets to the top, jump to the top of a pillar and get Holocron 26.  Be careful, or you will jump too high and end up on the next floor.  You will then have no choice but start the level again if you want to get this particular one, because you cannot go back. 



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