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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 9: Raxus Prime, Part 2

Updated on December 27, 2008

In this next area there are some troops, but nothing that you can’t handle.  There are also three Holocrons to be found.  Two of them are behind some red and green computer panels.  Destroy these two to obtain Holocron 57 and Holocron 58.  You will then need to destroy all of the crates here in order to reveal Holocron 59. 


There is another little bonus here.  There is a wall that has a ledge that contains a Lightsaber Hilt.  If you use the force to levitate a piece of debris near it, you can double jump onto the levitated debris and then double-jump to the top of the ledge. 


If you go to the corner, there is a place to use the extended force and get to an elevator.  Destroy all of the crates on the right side as you come out, and you will have Holocron 60. 


You will then go down into a tightly-cramped area and have to face off with some more robots.  There is a pile of clutter there that will contain Holocron 61. 


Use the Force to get into the next area, and you will soon come to an area with lots of crates and evil Junk Golems.  Take out the troops, and then make certain all of the crates are destroy.  Not only will you find Holocron 62, but a Force Holocron as well. 


Okay, time to take out the Junk Behemoth once again.  You will discover Holocron 63 near the area as you come in.  An Orange Lightsaber Crystal will also be there.  Holocron 64 can be found amidst some debris on the left wall. 


It will now be time to face off with Drexl. I found it was much easier to take out his goons, and then take him out.  He is vulnerable to lightsaber attacks, as well as lightning.  He doesn’t go down without a fight. 


From here, it is on to taking out a small force of soldiers.  You will find that as you go in, there is a Force Holocron right behind you. 


As you go to the door to the next area, there is a large metallic panel that the Force can rip off.  You will now have Holocron 65. 


Go through the entrance, and lay waste to any and all crates that are there, along with any enemy troops.  You will now have Holocron 66. 


Okay, now it off to face the fun of the Junk Titan, who is the Boss of this level.  You’ll need to use the same strategies that you used on the Junk Behemoth.  Unfortunately, even after the battle is over, you have to face this Yoda-wanna-be named Kazdan Paratus, and he isn’t any fun, believe you me.    


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    • profile image

      Malish 8 years ago

      After last Holocron (66), and cleaning the way with the force, in the hallway there is a purple Lightsaber Crystal, to the right near a container. Get it before you face the Junk Titan.