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Successful Relationship Tips You Can Use Right Now

Updated on February 8, 2008
Relationships need work to be successful
Relationships need work to be successful

How To Avoid The Breakup Before Valentine's Day


There are always signs that a breakup is imminent. Acting in a timely fashion to these signs will not only strengthen your relationship but also foster more goodwill between your partner, your family and your friends.

Many couples face breakup before Valentine's Day simply because of the pressure to show your love you love them when you've become bored or another person has entered their life that they have more interest in.

While this is a tragic event that can cause a lot of heartache I think it's important to recognize the things that cause breakups to happen despite the time of year it is.

If you can answer the following questions in a negative way, you'll understand what steps need to be taken to correct your relationship before it's too late.

Are you taking your partner for granted?

It is very easy to fall into a pattern of behavior that forces one partner to do the same tasks over what you are capable of. If you find this happening it can become a source of resentment. Share tasks and duties evenly, make an effort to do something that the other usually does (wash and dry the dishes, cook a special meal, do an extra chore around the house and don't expect to be praised for it).

Are you meeting the needs of your partner?

Stop and think about what you both need from each other. Do you find your partner is lacking in certain support, sex or time together management? Do you feel shut away from the feeling of being complete in the relationship? These bad feelings are usually a primer for arguments and breakups. If you could do better, do so. If you feel your partner could do better, don't start an argument, do these things you want done for yourself and at appropriate times, mention that you'd like them to do the same for you.

Do you talk more than you listen?

The art of conversation allows for two interactions: the talker and the listener. Often when we are the talker we take for granted that your partner is interested. Stop yourself from going on too long on a subject before asking your partner for input. Show them that what they feel about the topic is as important to you as you are passionate about it. When you are listening do not interrupt but listen to what is being said and ask appropriate topic related questions. It is said the best conversationalist is a great listener first.

Do you notice the little things that make your relationship special and act on impulse to show your partner how you love them in simple ways?

Love and relationships are two intertwined interactions between two people. Showing your love is more than sex but also allows for small signs of love being acknowledged. These signs can include making your partners favorite meal, love notes stuffed into pockets, lunch boxes, love notes placed conspicuously (easy to find) that "make a date" with them at a later time in the day. "I have something special planned for 8:00pm. Don't be late" is one of my favorite love notes to my partner. The suspense of what is planned holds her in deep positive interest.

Who's friends and friend-related activities do you spend more time with alongside your partner? Do you encourage a strong relationship between your partner and your family?

Making the effort of being together as a couple, of sharing time with friends and family equally is important to the growth of any relationship. Avoid being the controlling partner by simply ensuring that relationships outside of the tow of you are also respectful and fun.

To sum up, if you are getting (or demanding) than you give in your relationship, this is a sure sign your on the road to splitsville. Loving relationships take work by both people not advantage of one.


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      jen gonzales 6 years ago

      i find this article amazingly true.