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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 10: Kitchen Dome, Bubble Breeze and Buoy Base Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Bubble Breeze Galaxy Star

The first step of this journey is simple: Walk over to the Bubble blowing machine and get into a bubble. Then blow yourself through a course wherein you will need to get Star Bits. Watch out for the Spiky balls. Use the wind tunnels to guide you along, but don’t get too dependent on them. Fortunately, they do not cause too much damage. When you find the Launch Star, be careful with how you get to it. All you need to do is cross through one area, but it is pretty tricky at times.

From there, there will be other places to go. Keep going until you get to the spinning log thing, and go in. Don’t get yourself pinched into any places, or your bubble will pop and you will die.

Soon you’ll get to the Star.

Buoy Base Galaxy

The Secret Green Star

This next star isn’t really on the charts, and it was by sheer accident that I found it. What you must do is go underwater, then find a pipe that is in a glass cage. You will need to lure a living torpedo to come after you and smash that glass. This isn’t easy to do, as you can run out of air pretty quickly. Refresh on the bottom with some bubbles if you need to. Once the glass dome is down, then go in the pipe.

You are now out of water, but with a new problem. You will notice a lot of cannons firing at you. If you follow the path, it will reveal a Star that is underneath a glass dome. The problem is getting those Bullet Bills to follow you and smash open the glass dome. That can be hard, as you have to reveal yourself, then get into range to have them follow you. They tend to hit stray edges, but occasionally, they will have line of sight and will hit their intended target.

What I did is go down the path back, then come back, making sure two were in two, if I kept running around the glass cage, I could get the bullet bob on my back close enough so I could weave between the shock balls before it could hit it. Once the cage is revealed, I’d get the Green Star.

The Floating Fortress

The first thing you must do is dive underwater and take out the big black ball. This can only be done by luring a torpedo to hit it. This can be difficult, but it is doable. The tower will rise, and is climbable.

Then you must go to the top, which can only be done with wall jumping. Start down below, and use the joystick to get up there. At first I tried wall jumping and couldn’t make it work, but you have to use a combination of the joystick and the wall jump to make it work. Wall jump on the part where the living ledge comes out as well.

Keep going past the Whomps, and don’t let the bubbles touch you. Otherwise, you’ll have to start back up. Now, there is a green crank in the corner, so jump on it and spin attack. A Green Saucer will appear. Pounce on him to get to the blue screw that is above him. This will get some platforms spinning up above. From here, you must gather some Blue Star Chips. Although it is difficult keep going around to find them. The first one is on the first ledge you see. One of them is on top of a Whomp. You have to go higher and around to get another two, and the last is up on top, so grab it last. That one on top involves a trampoline atop a robot.

From there, pull stars will yank you to another world, where a shock wave can take you out. Run to the other side, where you will see a gigantic gold screw. Do a spin attack atop it, and the screw will open up to reveal the star. All you need to do is swim to get to it.


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