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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 11: Drip Drop Galaxy and Bowser Jr.’s Airship Armada

Updated on December 30, 2007

Drip drop Galaxy

Great Eel Outbreak Star

This can only be found by feeding the Hungry Luma 600 Star Bits on the outside of the Kitchen Dome.

This Galaxy stars with you with a bunch of penguins. The lead says that they can’t get fish with the Eels, so get rid of them.

What you need to do is swim and grab turtle shells, then shake to release them at the eels. The green ones travel in a straight line, but the red one is a targeter. I highly recommend using the red shell each time.

Once you got rid of them all (I believe there are three). The star will appear on the shipwreck, so go get it.

Bowser Jr’s Airship Armada Star

Start off on a ship where you face some bad guys. Get yourself into a cannon and aim precisely for the Pull Star in the middle. Grab it before you sail off completely. Slide down the pole, and you will face the bucket guys who shoot lasers at you. I don’t know way to kill them. You can take out the wizard guy with a Swing attack, then get in the cannon. Aim for the pullstar and do like you did before.

This next ship has some bad guys, and you can defeat them all to get some Star Bits. I would take the Luma’s offer and buy a Red Mushroom. Get yourself over to the next platform, trip the lever with a spin-attack, and begin to dodge all the cannonballs you can find.

Once you get over there, cross the bridge and spin attack the wizard. Take the Sling star and the real game begins.

Here, Bowser Jr. fires everything he has at you. Fortunately, there are some turtles roaming the deck. Spin attack them, and then take their shells to fling at his ship. After two hits, he’ll summon a wizard to help him. I would take him out before he gets to be too much trouble.

He will fire bullet Bills, and if you stay low on the deck, they will never hurt you. Any higher, and you are a fair target. I usually stayed as low as I could, then grabbed shells when possible, going higher only to fling at him.

After three hits, the ship turns sideways and is a harder target. Hit it three more times. Eventually, you will get a Grand Star. You will then be able to have access to the Bedroom Dome.


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