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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 12: Bedroom Dome, Gusty Garden Galaxy

Updated on December 31, 2007

Bunnies in the Wind Star

In this galaxy, this rabbit will reveal the secret of Floaty Fluff, and you will need it to get to the next world. After you are finished defeating bad guys and gathering Star Bits, just climb aboard and follow the wind.

The next world has some gophers underneath, as well as pipe that will give you a lot of Star Bits if you use the ? coin. Make certain you stay within the Floaty Fluff winds as you go, for it is a long trip to the next world.

The next world has some interesting things on it, but take out the Piranha Plants. One of them will have a Sproutle Vine. Before you take it, go underneath the world, and take out a plant thing that will have another Sproutle Vine. Go back and take the Sproutle Vine, then you will fall to the other Sproutle Vine and gain a 1Up on the way. Take the Floaty Fluff to the next area.

The next world is just three Piranha plants. Take them all out, and one will have a Sproutle Vine.

To be honest, I sort of lost my way on this, only let me tell you this: you will get to a place where there is a big Piranha Plant who is easy to defeat and there will be a Launch Star you will need to take. Take it to the last world.

From there, it’s off on a bunny chase once again on this little square world. It wasn’t hard that time, though.

The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows

Okay, you start out like you did before, using Floaty Fluff to get to the next destination. What you need to do is prepare for a longer flight on the next world. Do not let yourself get below the gusts of wind, and you should be okay.

The next world has a burrowing gopher here, and he likes to stay underground. If you get near him, ground pound, then spin attack him. That will open a Launch Star that you need to take.

The next world is a snaky shaped world with three gophers on it. Take them all out, then a Sling Star will be revealed.

You will then be taken to a world of apples. What you need to do is find the stump areas on them and Ground Pound them. A worm will form a bridge to the next world. Eventually, you will get to the worm’s head and jump until you get to a Launch Star.

This last world has a red Life Mushroom you can get, then go off to the next world and meet the Boss.

This giant mole, Mr. Burrows, can be beaten, but only when you can see his face and arms. Ground pound him then, then Swing Attack him. That is the first phase.

You will have to Ground Pound him again in the same manner, but notice that he walks away dazed. You have to be quick and get him with a swing attack or else it will not count.

The last attack is tricky. This time you need Ground Pound him twice. The first time will cause him to retreat underground. He will then come after you, so wait until he is as close as possible before ground pounding again. While he is dazed, swing attack and finish him off. It is important to go toward him after hitting him, as it is hard to get him when he is dazed.

Gusty Gardens Gravity Scramble

Take the Floaty fluff and get to the next world.

Take out the monsters on this world, especially the Piranha Plants. Climb the Sproutle Vine and get to the next one.

The next world has a man-eater plant that will have a Sproutle Vine. Take the vine, and let yourself go into the Launch star.

You will now be on a caterpillar-shaped world. Avoid the rolling rocks and spiky plants and get to the Launch Star.

You will soon be in an area that best resembles tinkertoys. You will also need to get some Star Chips. Cross over to the other side of the disc for the first one. By the way, there is a screw, that if you spin attack on, you can get some coins. Go back to the other side, climb the pole then jump off for the next one. Then cross over to the other side and climb the pole on that side. Jump off, and then get back to where you were before. Climb to the highest pole and jump off. Go on the other side of this area, and there will be another star chip. Face the right direction and jump again. Go back to the disc where you just left and get the Star Chip around the edge. Take the Launch Star.

Okay, this last area is tricky. Let me tell you that gravity is good when you are standing on an exclamation point. Keep hopping up, then hit the arrow to shift gravity. Keep walking on the exclamation points, and don’t allow them to spin you off. Get to the arrow on the other side, and you’ll be thrown to another side. Walk on the area and hit the gravity arrow. You can go for the red Life Mushroom, just be wary of the gravity that it is at.

Soon you’ll be in a good place, and you can walk all around areas that have a big target on them. Work your way down, and trip another gravity lever.

Now it gets tricky, as cannons will be firing at you. The important thing you need to know is that cannons only fire in one direction. Try to travel between their firing if you can. The cannon fire is vulnerable to Star Bits, so use that if you’re cornered. Eventually you will make it to the star.

Major Burrows Daredevil Run Star

Just like I described before, but only in one life. I found that it was pretty easy to deal with.

The Golden Chomp Secret Star

In this place, you must do as you did before, but here’s what must happen: you have to get every ? coin. The first three are obtained by following the wind on the floaty fluff. The next is obtained by getting the Sproutle Vine at the man-eating plant. There is another one high on the next world, so crouch jump high to get it. Take out the man-eater plant and then use the Sproutle Vine to get to the Launch Star. On the way, you will hit a rainbow star.

When you arrive at the caterpillar shaped world, there is a yellow Chomp Chomp. What you must do is take out the yellow guy while you are invulnerable. Hurry on this, as this is the only way to take him out. Get the star, and the world is done.


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