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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 13: Bedroom Dome, Freezeflame Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr

The first thing that will happen is you will be on an ice donut with a penguin. Here you will learn how to skate. This can be done with a shake attack, and you can skid on the ice in no time. Now, to beat Mr. Penguin, I used a lot of jumps while skating. That seems to reduce the space between us. After you have him, take the Launch Star.

After going down an ice slide, you will need to jump on some icy areas toward a ? coin. You will then see an ice flower revealed on a fountain. Keep in mind that if you fall into the water, you will lose a life if you stay there too long. The way to avoid taking damage is to spin attack and you will be out of the water for just enough time as needed, but it can be tough to do.

Also, there will be ice creatures. If you spin attack near them, they become a black rock. Jump on the black rock and a coin will be revealed. If they fall back into the water, they will become deadly ice creatures all over again.

There are several places to go after that. One of them is in a corner where a sling star sits. Take it, and you will go on a slide where you can get a red Life Mushroom.

You also need to use the ice flower to get to the next level above. This can be done in two ways. The first is to find the narrow wall in one corner, wall jump it, then move on from there with the Sling Star that is revealed when you hit the ?coin.

The other way involves using the ice flower, going to a corner, jumping on spouts that will freeze, then up to another level. Avoid the pushing rocks and get up to the icy platforms until you get to the next ice flower.

Either way, you need to get the ice flower, then jump up to the next level where some sliding rocks are. You must get on the rocks then take the Sling star. Jump on the spout, then the next, then up again.

You are now facing the boss. Defeating him is pretty easy. To your left, Dr Brr’s right, there is a little room in the stand Dr. Brrr is standing on. Jump across the platforms until you get there, then get the ice flower. Run across the water until you are underneath the narrow thing underneath him. Wall jump up to get to him.

Dr. Brr’s main attack is a body slam. If you jump at the right time, you will not be thrown off. When he is down, he is vulnerable, so spin attack him, then he will be hit once. It takes two of these hits to destroy him, but he will die. On the third time, he will call his ice minions, but they are easily dispatched.

Freezflame’s Blistering Core

You’re at the same ice donut you were at last time, but this time, you must collect five Star Chips. They are in crystals on it, so I would suggest skating and spin attacking them. You will then have to use your pull stars to get you to the Launch Star.

From there, it gets difficult as you are in a fiery, lava place where evil sea urchins roam. The only thing you can do is avoid them for now. There is a Red Life Mushroom if you want some more life. Follow the path and you will find a pole. Climb the pole to the next level and go toward a cage to find a ? coin. Take the coin, and a new power will be revealed: The fire flower.

Shaking the Wiimote activates the fire, and allows you to destroy enemies. What you want to do is light the torch nearest you, and that will open the cage. There are two other torches that you must light, which will reveal some stairs. You might have to run from the flower real quick in order to light them.

After going up the stairs, you will notice that gravity changes. Jump to it, and reality will flip for you. There are a lot of those urchin things, but your destination is the fire flower floating in the bubble. Once you have the flower, go to the big wall and you’ll see a torch on each side that is unlit. Use your firepower to light them, and a wall will slide upwards. Wall jump up the gap, and reality will flip once more.

From then on, it’s all about going on rollers and other rocks in lava to get to the next place. These fiery beings will appear. If you spin attack near them, they will be extinguished and you can run into them for a coin.

You will then need to go to the fire flower, then use the power to ignite the torches. The one on the right side can be ignited by throwing a fire ball in the same area as where you go the fire flower, but you will have to cross over to the other side to get the other one. A door will open, and you’ll have to ride a lava raft to get to the Star.

Hot and Cold Collide

Once again, you are on the ice donut, and you must dodge fireballs as you make your way to the other side of it. Smash the crystals along the way, and at the end of the journey, you’ll smash a crystal that holds a Launch Star.

The Launch Star will take you to a place where the water is deep and cold, but only in some places. You must wait for the water to go down before you try and get somewhere. The place where you need to get to is a garage door with an arrow on it. Underneath that garage door is a green wheel, so jump down on it and spin attack. The garage door will open.

From here, it is somewhat similar to the last area you were in as you must wait for lava to subside before you take the proper path. What you need to do is go to the left, then avoid the urchins to get to the green wheel, when it is not deep in lava. Spin attack, and a cage will open with the fire flower. Take the fire flower, and hurry back to the room of cold water and light the two torches there. A Launch gate will be revealed.

The next part is all about grabbing an ice flower and then skating over the lava. That or running. However, just make sure you get an ice flower for what you need to do. Once you finish with one area, you will need to jump to the ceiling. You have to get an ice flower three times, and I would highly recommend skating on the last part, as it will be all lava from there to the star.

Frosty Cosmic Mario Race Star

From here, the duplicate Mario shows up. The only to beat him is to skate faster than he does. I would run on the first two platforms, then start skating. Get a good lead on him, then beat him to the star.

Secret Star Conquering the Summit

This one starts out like the first part, but during the part when you grab the ice flower, you must go the way with the spouts. On the second set of spouts, you must do a triple jump and you will be on a Sling Star. Take the Sling Star to the next point.

This next spot has a fire flower, which you will need to melt the snowman blocking your way. Watch out for the icebat, who can really only be taken out with fire blasts. You need to get the fire flower, then run to the next snowman, who is blocked by some serious moving rocks. Melt that snowman, and take the Sling Star

The next part involves grabbing a fire flower and then melting a snowman. Watch out for the killer boulders, and there is a place to stand and shoot at it. Jump to the other side, and go around the ledge. Keep going up, and use the fire flower to take out the icebats. They are only vulnerable that way. You will need to get fireflower power to run the rest of the ledge, then melt a snowman to get a Sling Star. You have to do that and avoid the big rocks. Dang!

Take the Sling Star to the next level, and hopefully you can take out the last icebat. Then go up and carefully wall jump to the top where the star is.


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