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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 14: Bedroom Dome, Dusty Dune Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Soaring on Desert Winds

You will meet up with tornado winds that will carry you high. If you use shake attack, you’ll fly like a helicopter. You need to use this ability to get to the other side, then use it to get yourself to the pipe.

From here, it’s like old school Super Mario Brothers, really. Do a ground pound to smash through all the bricks, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Now, you will need to go through a lot of enemies. A tricky part appears with these spinning wheels, that you can jump on any side of, regardless of gravity. You may notice one part where you are going down hill with man-eating plants. If you grab the ?coin before that, you can have a fire flower. That way, you can take out the big rolling rock coming toward you. You should make it to the Sling Star before that, though.

Now you are out in the open, take the Launch Star. You will find yourself in a place with tornadoes and killer chickens. Take two tornadoes to get up high. On the second one, you will have to resist some sinking sands, but do it, and get to the rocks up there. You will jump up and up until you get to a ledge with two tornados. You need to activate the ?coin, and two Sling Stars will appear. There is another tornado at the top that you must hit just right to get to a small ledge up there. It can be tricky, as it has to be done just right.

Wall jump up two levels, then you will see the top. From here, you have to jump to the other side, then slide down the wall. As the wall ends, push your joystick to the right, and do a spin attack, and you will be where you need to be. Wall jump up from there. This is a common place to fall, but don’t worry, just hit a tornado and start again.

Wall jump from here, and watch out for the moving platforms. Get to the top and try and and stand on the stones as much as you can as you free the star.

Blasting through the Sand

Start out and you’ll see a pea creature with a flower for a hat. You may ignore him, but just know that when you jump to the other area, five of these pea guys will be there. Then a guy made of peas will appear, and try to kill you. What you need to do is jump high and swing attack him in the head. A Star Launcher will appear, so take it.

Here, you will land in the sand, so jump to get out. Make your way toward the donut area where these big rocks are rolling. In the center is a Sling Star, so take it. By the way, there is a rainbow star on the bottom, so feel free to get it and take out some rolling rocks for maximum Star Bits.

The next place will have an odd shape, and you must go into the sand in order to get Blue Star Chips. One of them is in a treasure chest, so you will need that turtle shell at the beginning. Another is in a Crystal, so get that. As for the other three, they are scattered about. Learn to do this quickly, for the Timed Trial will have you do it very fast.

Take the pullstars to the next world. Then you need to run on sinking stones to get to the next Launch Star. Take the green arrow path, and jump until you get to the pipe.

You’ve been in a room like this before, with the shifting gravity ramps and the ?coin in the middle. The difference is hitting the coin, gathering the musical notes can result in 3 1Ups.

The next area is the final phase. What you need to do is go down the hole, then cross the area with the tornados and dry bones turtles to the next hole. You will notice on the blue side that the star is hovering in an area. The only way to get to that area is by crossing all the tornadoes and dry bones to the immediate right on that level, and go down the hole to the brown side. Watch out for those tornadoes, as they have rocks on the side that can do damage. You will see a Ground Pound button, which you must jump up to and do the Ground pound. All the big platform things are now down, which means you have to cross to the other side to get there, and jump up and get the star. It is a race against time, and do not fall in the side, lest you die. This can be very hard, so you need to learn how to get there fast.

I find that if the Dry Bones get in the way, and I can get them to chase me until they fall into the sand and die. That way, there is nothing to get into my way but the tornadoes, which I can easily avoid.

Sunbaked Sand Castle

This one starts out with a big Ground Pound button that you must push. Watch as things come up, and try not to get under a shadow for too long or you will be crushed. Take the Launch Star.

This next area, you will notice a Star Chip in the middle. What you must do now is go to the switch with the down arrow and Ground Pound it. A tower will rise, along with the rest of the Star Chips. Wall jump to the top of the tower, and you will get a Star Chip. You will see another Star Chip close to the roof, so get it. Adjusting the Camera angles helps you find the others. Like the one in the treasure chest. Get a shell and crack open the chest, then get the Star Chip. There is another being guarded by four or so dry bones, but they can be lured away from the area and the last one can be obtained. Wall jump up to the top of the tower and take the Launch Star.

The next world will have a big spiky plant on top. There are some coconuts here, so spin attack them at the Spiky plant. Take the Launch Star that is revealed.

This next world is actually two worlds. There is big bad guy on top, but you can’t hit him on top to kill him like you did before. What you need to do is take the Sling Star to the next world (not far away). There are coconuts on this world, so swing-attack them and you’ll see gravity pulling them on the world of the bad guy. Go back to the tall bad guy then him with a coconut, then jump on his head. A new Launch Star will be revealed.

You will then arrive on the top of an upside down tower, with no where to go but down. The only thing to do is smash a big crate, and then take the pipe into the tower. You will then swing attack to smash a wall, and at some point, sand will enter in. Race the sand to the top, or be buried in it. It is just that simple. Always strive to get higher, and let the sand take you to that level if necessary. It’s tough, but doable.

Sandblast Speeed Run

Just like the Blasting through the Sand, only faster. Keep doing it, and you’ll make it. I highly recommend finding a quick way to get the Star Chips on one orbit, as well as a quick way on the last part. That alone takes the most time out of all the obstacles in this level.

Treasure of the Pyramid Green Star

You will need to take out the Pea guys on that one area, and then take the Launch Star to the next level. The difference here is you need to go underneath the platform, where you will see a Luma asking for Star Bits. It only needs 20, but you can get up to fifty in the area alone with this secret. Go to the donut-shaped area, the one with the rolling rocks, and go underneath the platform with the Sling Star. Grab the Rainbow Star and bump into the rocks, and there will be plenty of Star Bits. You can also grab a 6-up there too.

Once you have given the Luma the Star Bits, it will transform into a new world. Take the Launch Star in.

You will find yourself in a Sandy place. There is part of a star near you, and so you need to free it. What you now must do is touch the green, and allow the room to fill with sand. Then work your way up until you can get safe, getting the Star Bits along the way.

Go slightly left and you’ll find another silver star bit, then go right. You’ll see another one there. Smash the crates, then suddenly, it will turn red. Take the floor and hit the next green area, and work your way down. You will come to the star, then head for the red area. You’ll be caught in a cramped place, but move until it turns green once more. Keep going up and you’ll find the last silver star bit. The Sand will drain from the room, and you can move about freely and grab that last Green Star.

When you get back, you will be informed that the Green Launch Star leading to the Trial Galaxies is now open.

Bullet Bill on Your Back Secret Star

You’ll need to go like you did in the Sunbaked Sand Castle. However, when you get to the world with the one spiky plant on it, the one you must take out with the coconut, you will notice something. The sand on this world fluctuates. You need to wait until the sand runs out and the world is small. You will see a tree trunk stump that you will need to ground pound. From there on, you will see musical notes and you will need to grab every last one. A new Star Launcher will then be reveal so get to it. Warning: if you don’t get all the musical notes, there doesn’t seem to be a second chance. Start the level over again.

Now you are at a new place. You will notice two buttons on each side. The one unpressed button will cause a tower to rise. On top of this tower are two guns that fire bullet bobs. The tricky part is getting these guys to be timed. Raising the tower also reveals a few things under glass domes, like the Star.

What you need to do is this, go to the button and wait for a bullet bob to fire. Then ground pound the button, and the tower will rise. Wait until the bullet bob is tailing you, and try your best to lead it over to the Star dome. This really is the only way, as the bullet bobs are to high to get a bead on you when the tower is raised.

Once the star is revealed, push the other button to cause the tower to descend. Fortunately, the star will to. Avoid the Dry Bones guys as you get it.


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    • profile image

      Mikomi 7 years ago

      This really helped me,'ve made a slight mistake. >> Bullet bobs.

    • profile image

      VivekSri 7 years ago

      was looking for pages like that. good help indeed. keep your hub ideas moving.

    • profile image

      Shelly 8 years ago

      Thank you for your help about the secret star in Dusty Dune! I finally got it! :)