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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 15: Honeyclimb and Bigmouth’s Gold Bait Galaxy, Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant

Updated on December 30, 2007

Honeyclimb Galaxy

Scaling the Sticky Wall

This game involves learning how to use your flying ability to land on certain objects, like a wall. The trick is to perfect flying, especially in landing. The hardest part I thought was the mandibugs. The moment you see them come at you, fly in the air and do a gorund pound.

Hungry Luma Bigmouth Galaxy

Bigmouth’s Gold Bait

The first thing you will notice is a large gold chest. There is a star in there as you would suspect. Unfortunately, as the sign says, it only opens for a shell that shines, so it is time to go swimming and find it.

You might want to knock out the turtle so you can have a shell to swim with. You can use the shell to put a hole in the brick wall, and the light in front will take out the Boos in your way.

Once you get past the brick wall, there are 5 Star Bits you need to get on the bottom of this particular ocean floor. They are hidden, but if you look closely, they stick out as they do shine. Watch out for the Moray Eel who likes to eat you. The last one is located in the heart of it all, so get it as well. A Sling Star will shoot you to another body of water located on the ceiling, and the golden shell will be there.

Take the Shell and use it to get back to the golden chest, then use the shell to open it. A mushroom man will appear, and he’ll give you the Star.

Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant

Darkness on the Horizon

The star wasn’t kidding when gravity is haywire in this place. The first area to go through isn’t much trouble, but when you get to this one area, you will notice that gravity shifts and turns.

When you get to this time, you will stand on moving shapes. What you need to do is determine which way gravity is going in order to stand firmly on it when it shifts. For example, if you notice that gravity will shift towards the wall, stand in an area where a wall is there. It will make sense when you do it.

The hardest part for me was getting past that dark matter. It’s like matter that just is nothing, but you must avoid it. It does have a pattern, so get to know it, and move around it.

You will see that after that gravity will shift yet again. Therefore, if you die here, I suggest backtracking and get that 1Up that is always there for you. Then learn to deal with the gravity.

From there, it’s just a short trip to take the stairs up to meet Bowser. This really is almost just like last time. It is more difficult, as he does these spin attacks whenever he is in close range, and he also spews more fireballs.

Still same rules apply to defeat him. You’ve got to trick him into going leaping on to the blue glassy spaces, and then spin attack him from there.

After Bowser is defeated, Rosalina will inform you that the ship can leave soon. However, I don’t recommend that until you have 105 coins.


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