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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 16: Engine Room, Gold Leaf Galaxy

Updated on April 8, 2013

Star Bunnies on the Hunt Star

The first thing you will find is a bunny who is looking for Blue Star Chips. And you need to help him find some.

Turn around to find one of them. You will need to go up a level, and the only to do that is that spring loaded plant. Get the Bee Mushroom and fly up on the flower there, then fly up higher where a caterpillar roams. Near a bunny will be a plant which you can take out and get to the trampoline behind him. Ground Pound on the trampoline, and you will be flying up to the next Star Chip.

At the top of this level, you can jump down to where a waterfall pours. There is a crate on top, and smashing it will reveal the next Blue Star Chip. Work your way down until you are back at where you started from.

If you continue up the path, you will see a bunny who says “Come out, Blue Star Chips. Behind that bunny is a way, and you need to wall jump to the next level. The Star Chip will be in the middle of three man-eater plants.

Near this area is a Swing, and if you release at the right time, you will hit a Sling Star that will send you to another level. There is a fountain here, and if you sit in the middle of the fountain, then allow the spout to take you up, you’ll get another blue chip.

The third is in the middle of three stumps. Ground pound all three stumps, and a Sling Star will appear in the middle. Use it to get to the high level of the Blue Star Chip.

You will see where the Pull Stars appear, so get on them, and take them to the Launcher Star. Now, I don’t know what it is about catching bunnies, but you must catch yet another one. I found that chased him to one area where there was a big push button. I Ground pounded it, and walls began to come up. I think that might slow the bunny down, so try and steer him toward it, and he’ll feel hemmed in. The Star will be revealed, and go get it. I’m not certain if the button has to be pushed for this, but I did.

Cataquack to the Skies

You’ll start out in the same place that you were before, and if you go and find the places where some of the Star Chips were, you’ll find nothing more than an opportunity to get more Star Bits. The Springer Plant is gone, but there are ways to get to jump high in this game.

Here you will see the cataquacks, so use them. If you follow the path upward, you’ll find one in a fenced gate. Jump into its area, then lure it over to the Sling Star’s shadow. The cataquack will hit you up into the Sling Star, where you can go to the next area.

Here by the big tree are two cataquacks in another pen. Get the Bee Mushroom, then jump into the pen. Allow them to take you as high as possible before turning on the Bee Power and flying the rest of the way to the next level.

The same rule applies for the Cataquack in the pen there. Let it hit you, then fly to the next level. You’ll see a Ground Pound button, so push it and grab the free Star Bits as you run on a ledge under a waterfall. Take the Launch Star from there.

On this world, you’ll be trapped with two caterpillars and a cataquack. To get off, simply lure the cataquack to the place on the planet marked with a cataquack stencil. Let it then smack you to the next world.

This next world is like a cube maze. What you need to do is find where the sleeping cataquack is, and remove the crates that fence it in. Let it chase you all around the world until you get to the cataquack stencil. It will smack you into another world.

The next world is oddly shaped, but the goal is the same. Get to the other end of it, and let a cataquack knock you off.

On this last world, you will face a lot of bad stuff. You should take out the gophers, simply because they will get in your way. On a grassy hump there is a bee mushroom hovering, but only a cataquack can get to it. Lure the cataquack there, and take it. Then lure the cataquack by the tower that looks like it’s out of a Jenga game, let it hit you, then fly the rest of the way to the top. Then fly to the one place where the caterpillar is roaming, then continue flying from flower to flower until you get to the Star.

When it Rains, it Pours Star

This one involves a lot of traveling on rain clouds. You need to go to the one place where there is a wall jump, and get to the next level. There is a Bee Mushroom on the rain cloud that you need to get. From there, go down and use the springer plant, then fly on top of the rainy cloud. Since a Bee Mushroom is vulnerable to water, avoid the rainy areas.

Watch out for the Mandibug and keep flying from top of raincloud to raincloud. Eventually, you will get to a place where a bee claims that a mole took over the observation deck. You will then need to travel on a tricky path to avoid rainclouds, or you could just go as Mario.

Soon, you will get to a trampoline then a swing that will take you up to the next level. You need to avoid rain clouds to continually get to higher levels as Bee Mario. Take shelter in the places to hide from the clouds. Ground pound on circular stone, then take the Sproutle Vine up.

The hard part is when you have to defeat the mole on the top. This involves a lot of playing around with jumping. What you need to do is go around to the other side, and Ground Pound the big red button. Platforms will rise, and you can jump to the top of them and then jump to the top of the mole guy. Ground pound him on top there. You will have to do this three times.

The trick is waiting for the right moment to Ground Pound the button. You will notice that the platforms that move over the spikes are slow. I hit it just as one comes in, so as I am running to it, it is already headed to the other side. I then just jump up from there and ground pound him.

The really tricky part is when you need to hit him a third time, as his bubble blaster becomes rapid firing. The bubbles don’t hurt you, but they can delay you, which can be costly in this game as the platforms don’t stay raised forever.

Cosmic Mario Forest Race

I found that this one was one of the really difficult areas. Basically, it’s one of those where you need to stay as fast as clone Mario. Especailly on the first jump, then one where you need to do a triple in order to catch up. Fortunately, he always stops to read the sign about the long jump, so you can get just barely ahead of him there. I’m not certain if jumps will give you more speed then running, but I was behind before I got to the Star, then I beat him. Fancy that.

The Bell on the Big Tree Star

You will start out by taking the Cataquack, but the difference is, you will stay at the level with the big tree. You will see a big bubble being made by one of those bubble-maker things, so jump right into it. Use the controls of blowing and you will get to a big bell, which you must bump into. Music notes will appear, and you will need to gather them all in order to collect the Star which will automatically appear at the end.


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