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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 17: Engine Room, Sea Slide Galaxy

Updated on March 6, 2013

Going After Guppy Star

In this area, you will see a Killer Whale that you will have to face. He will make you swim through 8 rings.

The only really difficult one is the first, which you can shake to swim fast through. After that, you need to find yourself a shell. Get it, and go through all his rings. You will discover quickly that if you take too long, then you can’t get all the rings. If you miss even one ring, you might as well just start all over again.

Faster than a Speeding Penguin

Here is another racing level that you must face. This one is very tricky, and requires some maneuvering in order to win. You must walk up to a penguin, and enter the race. From there, it will start, and it will look like your competitors have quite a head start. You need to shake your Wiimote so you can get to the shell dead ahead. Only by getting a shell can you even hope to win this race. What helps is going through these tubes that will give you an extra burst of speed, which could be just the edge you need to win.

The Silver Stars of Sea Slide

Here is another one where you will need to grab five silver stars in order to win. The first is available on a nearby island, as you grab the Bee Mushroom there. Fly to the top of the palm tree, then to the top of a moving cloud. The star is atop a rock arch.

Now, fly back to the cloud, then the top of the palm tree, fly back to that pier thing. From there, fly to a rock, then to a tree branch. On the trunk of the tree is where a spider hangs. Fly to where he is, then take him out using spin attacks. Fly directly up to where that spider was perched. Once you’re there, fly to the nearest branch in front of you. You can then fly to the next branch, and you’ll see a place covered with spiders. I usually take them all out, but I don’t know if it is necessary. What is necessary is the Sliver star atop, so you should get it.

From there, you need to work your way down the tree, until you get to a cloud that will go up and down. Jump on it, and you will get to an area with a Sling Star and a green crank. Spin the green crank, and a giant, massive watery area will appear. Jump in it, and go to the top of an area where the next Silver Star will be. You will also see a Star Launcher revealed, so take it.

You will then be back where you started, so grab the Turtle shell and make like you are in that Penguin race. In front of a section of land (not the light house) is something of a cannon, so take it to the red mushroom ship. From there, use the Pull Stars to get the next piece. Then use the Pull Star to get yourself to the Sling Star and get back.

Swim toward the lighthouse and grab the Bee Mushroom, go to the large palm tree, and the Silver Star hovers above it. What you need to do is stand on the boxes in front of it, stand on the top of the palm tree, then buzz yourself up until you get it.

Now that you got all five pieces, there is a Sling Star nearby that palm tree that will take you right to the Star.

Underwater Cosmic Mario Race Star

Yet another mad race. This one involves racing your clone once again. I found that there were some things to burst your speed. When you jump off the pier, use a Crouch jump and then get a shell as soon as possible. Get to the first speed tube, but do not follow Blue Mario. He has this annoying habit of going on land and running one area. You need to stay underwater and take two speed tubes. This will enable you to get ahead of him and win the race.

Hungry, He’s Hungry Secret Star

In order to get to this galaxy, you must go to the area where you used the cannon to get the Silver Star. You will need 40 Star Bits, which you might not be able to get to from that area. You might have to go to the Lighthouse, which has a treasure chest that you can break with a turtle shell.

After you feed the Luma, you will see a new planet is revealed. Before you take the cannon there, you should grab the Bee Mushroom nearby. The reason why is because the next planet you go to is full of those green tiles which disappear as soon as you step on them. The best thing you can do is formulate a strategy to get all the music notes. What I did was treat certain areas as equilateral triangles, then went around to get another triangle. If I ran out of places to go, I could always temporarily fly. It worked pretty well. Then all you have to do is fall toward the star.


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      9 years ago

      the hungry hes hungry cheat is not a good cheat because thats not the question mark star...sorry.


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