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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 19: Engine Room Dome, Bonefin, Sand Spiral Galaxy and Bowser Jr’s Lava Reactor

Updated on December 30, 2007

Bonefin Galaxy

Kingfin’s Fearsome Waters

In this Galaxy, you start out on a mushroom spaceship. You will then need to take the Launch Star to a watery place, and you’ll meet Kingfin, the big evil Shark. You can take Kingpin out with the shells that are all over the place.

I prefer to use the red shell, as it is a tracker. You get anywhere near Kingpin, and it is a guaranteed hit.

However, he does summon his bombing fish, which work like the torpedoes you’ve seen in previous levels. I usually worked around them, and just aimed red shells at Kingpin himself. That seemed to work good, and he fell apart after a few hits, revealing the Star inside.

Bowser Jr’s Lava Reactor

King Kaliente’ Spicy Return

This first area is tricky, as you must jump to the other side of the planet in order to get a bullet bob to follow you back to the other side so it can crack open the glass dome and release the Launcher Star. I found it was easier to get all the Goombas out of the way first, then lead it there.

It gets difficult as you encounter green sinking tiles. Don’t stay on them too long, or you will sink. It is worth getting the Red Mushroom for the next part. Taking out the two goons shooting at you is easy as spin attacks will send their green things back at them. As soon as you take them out, get to the Launcher Star.

Now, you will have to face King Kaliente again. Like last time, you have to hit his green attack back at him. Unfortunately, it will change as he will require two hits with the same attack. An attack will then boomerang, and you must hit it again. After two of these, you must hit him three times. This can be difficult as the ground you are on tends to sink. I found running around worked well to keep me going and away from his fire attacks. Especially when he summons these fire creatures that I can’t seem to stop to save my life.

Hungry Luma Sand Spiral Galaxy

Choosing a Favorite Snack

You first must get off the half of a ship you are on by getting to the Sling Star.

Now, from here, you need to get to the area, right or left, and choose either a Bee Mushroom or Ghost Mushroom. This can be difficult, as there are moving platforms and a Wizard who fires at you. If you don’t lose your head, you should make it.

If found that either Mushroom will take you to the pole, where you can get a Ghost Mushroom if you want to. Either way, you have to avoid the same things, light and or water. The Bubbles at the end are what really can kill, but they take avoidable patterns. Of course, stay away from the light if you are a ghost.

Where you really need to get to is the spiral. What you need to do is keep getting Rainbow Stars, which can be difficult with all the pitfalls. You can make it without them, but you will need Star Bits to get rid of the Spiky balls that come into your path.

I found that the Rainbow Stars increased my speed too much, and kept falling off. Better to use them just once, then go normal speed after that.


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      tugtug12 9 years ago

      its bullet bill not bullet bob