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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 2: Terrace Dome, Good Egg Galaxy

Updated on February 15, 2013

Dino Piranha Star

When you are here, follow the wooden path, which is right near a green pipe. Keep following it, and it will eventually lead to a Luma who transforms into a Sling Star that will take you to a Launch Star.

You will then land on a Peanut shaped planet that has lots of rolling rocks. Watch out for the mud or whatever that seems to slow you down. By the way, these rocks are vulnerable if you hit them with spin attacks on the red transparent areas. You can get more Star Bits that way if you want. However, you should really be getting the five Star Chips, and take the Launch Star that will appear.

You will then be on this Watermelon shaped world with a piranha plant. Don’t forget to hit the big ? Coin to find some extra Star Bits, and watch out for these weird bouncy creatures that stick to you. They don’t harm you, but you should harm them by spinning attack. What you need to do then is either jump on or hit the piranha plant with a Star Bit then run into it. A Sproutle vine will be revealed, so shake the Wiimote to twirl up it.

This next world is a simple matter of avoiding the big rocks as they roll toward you. Up on top, you’ll see a giant plant. He likes to attack by slamming his head down, so jump on him when he’s the most vulnerable. Once that Piranha Plant is defeated, take the Sproutle Vine to the next place.

This next world has this mole beast, but he’s kind of hard to lure out in the open. You can and probably should avoid it, honestly. What you really need to do is just jump up to where the next Launch Star is crystallized. Free it, then go on to the next world.

Here is where you will meet one of the “bosses” of this game. The Dino Piranha can be a bad foe, but pretty easy to beat. Just hit the large ball on the end of his tail with a spin attack.

If he runs after you, don’t run away in the exact opposite direction or he will overtake you. What you need to do is run and be turning so that you run around him, then hit him in the tail. When you hit him three times, he’s history, and you’ll get a star.

A Snack of Cosmic Proportions Star

You will start out the same place you did before when last you visited the Good Egg Galaxy, but you will need to take the other path, the one with a stony texture. You will then see a line of Pullstars, so let them take you higher until you get to the Launch Star.

Not much on this unfriendly world but Goombas. There are also some spiky plants which can be taken out with the rubber ball plants. Just don’t get hit by one of those rubber ball plants because if you miss, you will lose Star Bits. Anyway, free the Launch Star and get to the next world.

You may notice that you will pass through another star as you fly by. If you want, you can take it. You will then be on another planet, and there will be a hungry Luma there. What you need to do is feed that Luma 100 Star Bits. If you don’t have 100 Star Bits now, there are several ways to travel in and out of the planets and find some. Once you feed the Luma, it will be satisfied, and then will become another world.

The world that is created by this hungry Luma can be traversed by keep working your way up. Only one obstacle remains of hitting a ballplant into a spiky plant, but that is about it. Take the Launch Star from there.

This next world is a big capsule. It is easy to get through. Just keep in mind that whatever the arrows are pointing is where gravity will go. The red zones are the “falling up” places. The biggest challenge comes of using these together. There is one area, where you must stay in the red zone in order to get higher. Take the Star Launcher on top.

Now, this last world, you need to get Blue Star Chips. That is the easy part. The hard part is when all the pull-stars are revealed, and you must use them to get to the star in the middle. You should notice that the stars are not at the same levels, and the key is using them only to pull you some ways, and using another pull star to pull you right to the star. The trick is all about momentum, so find the stars that will pull you up to the level of the Star.

King Kaliente’s Battle Fleet Star

You start off again in the same place, but this time, go down below the world until you see a gold-colored pipe. Once in there, follow ramps to walk on certain walls until you get to the ceiling.

There is a great Bonus available here. If you hit the ? Coin, you will see a trail of musical notes. Hit everyone of those notes, and a 1Up will temporarily appear. You will eventually be on the roof of a house, where you can take a Star Launcher to another place.

This world has a pink Mushroom guy trapped in crystal. Free him, and he’ll tell you the spiky plants are vulnerable to coconuts. Therefore, spin attack a coconut toward the big Spiky plant, and a Sling Star will appear for you to take.

The next planet will have a giant cactus worm on it called Pokey. Hit him with a coconut once, and only his head will remain. Jump on the head, and a Launch Star will appear.

The next star is a hollow black ball with Chomp Chomp guys on it. If you descend into the pipe, then hit the ? coin, you can take find the rainbow star. Get out and take out the big balls and gather the Star Bits for yourself. Or you could just use the Sling Star.

The next planet has some electricity on the bottom, and some serious bad stuff on top. Get past the edge and work your way up to the Launch Star before any enemy can get you.

From here, you will be on a ship. These monsters will be firing green balls at you. The key is to swing attack them back at them. A drawbridge will fall, taking you to the other ship. Don’t bother hitting the fiery balls thrown at you.

On that ship, you’ll have to go through a few bad guys before you get to the top, where a Launch Star will be.

In this next world, a Luma warns you how deadly it will be. That is never a good sign. You will see that when you mean King Kaliente, it is true. The King has one attack where he shoots fiery balls. They can be shot down with Star Bits, but it might be easier to just ignore them.

When he fires the green balls, send the first one back at him. That is the first stage of defeat. In the second, send a green ball back at him, then it will bounce back. Hit the green ball back, and he’ll lose his crown. He’ll be pretty mad, so send the green ball back three times, and the star will be revealed.

Dino Piranha Speed Run Star

At some point in the game, you will encounter comets that will cause the galaxies to do odd things. In this case, you will have to do this Galaxy in a timed trial. To mix up the comets, there is a red Luma in between the Terrace and the big map that can help you.

Just like the first time, but you need to get through the entire thing, including the Dino Piranha, in about 4 minutes. Simply be focused to get to the end, and keep trying until you get there. I think I may have done this on the first time.

Luigi on the Roof Star

You won't be able to get this star until you reach the Haunted Galaxy and rescue Luigi. Soon the mailman mushroom will show up with postcards, and one of them will have a picture of Luigi in this galaxy, so you must find him.

In this case, it is a very simple matter of going down on any path, then going to the orange or gold pipe. From there, you work your way up to the roof, and Luigi will be there.


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