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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 20: Trial Galaxies, the Gate, and Boo's Boneyard Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

These are few galaxies that show up after a certain number of Green Stars, and the entrance is located by the Garage.

Rolling Gizmo Galaxy

Gizmos, Gears, and Gadgets

The first part is just jumping on the ball, then rolling slowly to the Zigzagged path. I found that squashing the Goombas slowed me down enough so I could make the two turns, then I jumped to the other side.

Now there are these gray squares that can be destroyed by jumping up to them while in the ball. Destroy a minimum of two then jump up against the blue wall, and it will become a bridge. Now smash the gray square, and shoot yourself to a round area.

Try to get as many coins as you drop in, and then slide down to the big area down below. There is only one way out, and that is a spinning bridge. I usually just get to it, then precariously balance myself to the spinning orange gear, which has an area to rest if you need it. The tricky part is rolling to the area with the moving dice, and getting out of its way before it pushes you off completely.

You can then get to the green gear, then its an easy roll to the orange gear but you must avoid the big holes. You can use the bomb to take you up to the next level, then jump to the next. Keep going until you get to a slide, and you’ll be taken up on your own.

Then comes the hard part. You will need to traverse a bridge, and the only way to do it is to get on a dice and roll your way up to the flag.

Bubble Blast Galaxy

The Electric Labyrinth

Okay, you have a five star area with five pipes. Each one will take you to an area where you must jump into a bubble, then go and grab a Star Chip.

The problem is if you hit an electric rail, you die, period. No second chances here. Worse yet, if you get four out of the five silver stars, you have to star again.

The top is pretty easy, and just needs careful consideration as you avoid things that probably won’t kill you if they touch you.

The topmost left involves tricky steering through some difficult electrical things. If I were you, I would do this one first, as it is easiest to die on. There is also an easy 1Up to get so in case you die, there is no loss.

The bottom left is only difficult if you can’t wait. Just don’t go through when there is fire, and you’re fine.

The bottom right is tricky due to the shock balls. The one that is a row of bouncy ones is especially hard, as it requires some tricky things. Just wait until the first ball passes, then slowly work your way through.

The topmost right has some of those spiky things, but they don’t move, so they are easy to avoid. Easier, at least.

Once you get all five, take the Star Launcher to an even tricker place. Here, you will be followed by Bullet Bills. Try and lose them around corners, as it is the only way to get rid of them.

The thing to remember about the last part, where many bullet bobs will come at you is to just take a straight shot, then around one small obstacle to get to the star.

This is about dying until you learn to win. Once again, that is about as specific as I can get.

Loopdeeswoop Galaxy

The Galaxy’s Greatest Wave

After my last ray surfing, I was tempted to play it slow. So I went as slow as I could so I wouldn’t fly off the corners. That was my same strategy here, but I was even safer.

The only obstacle I found here was the loop, and I found that to take it, all I had to do was hold steady. I thought I would have to turn or veer left or right, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

The Gate

Gateway’s Purple Coins

Now here is a weird place. What you need to do is just go where the star is, and you’ll find a flying star. You must then retrieve 100 purple coins. Getting them is kind of hard because of steering in flight is difficult. You can hit A and pause you and get a direction but that might not help.

I found that what really increased my productivity was shaking attack, and the coins get magnetically locked to you. It’s a good ability to have.

Anyway, get all the coins, head back the arena, and you’re one star richer.

Boo’s Boneyard Galaxy Hungry Luma

Racing the Spooky Speedster

Here, you will race a Boo as a Boo itself. I found this was not difficult, as since I was wanting to drop down anyway, I just shook through some crystal that was in my way. I think I may have beat him on my first try.


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