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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 21: Garden Dome, Deep Dark Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

The Underground Ghost Ship

The best thing to do here is head for the cannon, then aim for the distant planet, using the rainbow star as your targeting area. You will then discover that you will be invulnerable on a planet filled with bad guys and you should do as much damage as possible before grabbing the Fire Flower then taking the Star Launcher.

You will notice that there is another planet that you can shoot yourself to from the cannon. If you go to this one, there is a screw on it that you can unscrew with spin attack. All the “air” will be drained from this planet and it will shrink to nothingness, but reveal lots of coins. You will then be on the planet with the fire flower.

There are torches near a doorway, and lighting them will gain access to the next area. Take out the wizard that will be a hindrance, then jump in the water.

You will see some Star Bits in the shape of an arrow, follow the arrow, and you’ll see a lever in the midst of a brick wall. Use the shake attack to switch on the level, and a wall will retract. You may want to get an air bubble before you go on. After you do, swim up to the next area, and there will be another lever in between what looks like to ghost jellyfish. Switch that lever with a shake attack, and continue upward.

There are many things at this old pirate ship, but the thing you need to worry about is the bad guy aboard. It is another wizard guy, which you’ve taken out similarly before. Every second attack is a turtle shell, so be sure to throw it back at him.

After two hits, he will go higher, and you must climb a pole to get at him. I usually take out his annoying henchmen first, then I take him out. However, he’ll just create two more henchmen, so I can recommend taking out one henchmen. That way, you have a little less danger to worry about. After two hits, he will give you the Star.

Bubble Blastoff

This galaxy is very similar in the beginning, but there wasn’t a bubble shooting gopher last time. Take him out easily by spin attacking coconuts at him, which are many. You’ll need to hit him three times, and on the last one he turns up his shooter to maximum.

You’ll need to shoot yourself to that one planet with all the goons and the rainbow star, just do you can get the fire flower. The big difference is that instead of lighting two torches by the door, you need to light three.

This will reveal a needed ice flower, one that you can use to run across the nearby water, then up the spouts. If you make it to the pole, you can climb and jump to the next level. Then you will need to get past an area where you need to swing to the other side.

From there, watch out for the wizard and get the coin that’s floating on a portable swimming pool thing. You’ll then fall into five Sling Stars, and you’ll notice that you’ll be in and area with a bubble blower. Take the bubble blower to the next level, then down again. Eventually, you’ll be at a place where there isn’t bubbles blowing but flames. Dodge them and get to the pole. Keep climbing while dodging the wizard. You will get to the top of the pole and notice some flames surrounding a bubble blower. Jump as the flames are away, and get on the bubble.

You’ll float to a new planet. There are some jumping fish that will harm you if you touch them. What you need to do is Ground Pound three stumps on this planet, and that will turn on a bubble blower there.

Take a bubble to the next world. This one is tricky, as it is three balls within a transparent ball. What you have to do is jump and then Ground Pound to make certain that the balls will head toward the center. From there, the balls will expand until the whole thing becomes a giant watermelon and the star is revealed.

The problem is the shockwaves. I just jumped over them to get past them, and there is a few coins there in case you get hit.

The most difficult part is ground pounding at the right time. If found that if I waited patiently, the balls would come to me. However, it would take a while.

Guppy and the Underground Lake

Here you must go through the cave, which will have and open door. Then swim to the very bottom of the lake. You will see a familiar enemy with the orca guy. He will challenge you to a battle where you must swim through eight rings.

I found it works when you can shake attack swim through the first, then get the airbubble coin. Then get the turtle shell and do it like that all the way. The problem is it is easy to lose it, and you really need to get to know the course. You will then get the star.

Ghost Ship Daredevil Run

I really had a hard time defeating this guy with one life. I found the first two hits were easy, but then afterward, I had to strategize. I found that if I could get up on top, take out one of his men, I had a fighting chance. If I took out both, he would just call two more. But with just one, all I had to worry about was getting the turtle shell and defeating him.

Boo In a BoxSecret Star

This one can be found by simply doing what you did before, lighting the torches, but this time, go down to the bottom of the sea and grab a turtle shell.

You see a bunch of living sea mines guarding a sunken ship. Throw the nearby turtle at them, and Launch Star will be revealed.

You will then be in a box where you must take a swinging place to reverse gravity. Then you need to ground pound a trampoline. Then you need to allow yourself to be bubbled and knock the gravity switch at the right time. You will need to keep doing this until you get to the point where light will enter in. Watch out for that pesky sea urchin who has a way of stopping you, though. Once the light is freed, get the ghost in front of it, which isn’t too hard as he wants to follow you.

You will then need to dodge the sea urchin in order to get the star back.


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