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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 22: Garden Dome, Dreadnought Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Infiltrating the Dreadnought

The first spot you will see has a lot of yellow light that you need to avoid. Just keep going to the other side, and stay out of it. It’s not too hard. When you get to the top, you’ll need to avoid some red shockwaves and take the trampoline to the Launch Star.

This next place will have some helmeted baddies. The only way to defeat them is to swing attack, and then jump on them for a coin if you like. The shield around the tube will disappear, and so you can enter in.

Jump on the next place and avoid the moving shockball, then go to the place where the walls close in. Wall jump until you get to the top. If you go to the left, you can get a Red Mushroom. However, you need to go to the right and get past the area rising from the floor before it squeezes you.

Switch gravity and wall jump between the mobbing ramps to get higher. You will then leap past two cannons and a moving platform and switch gravity again. You’ll then have to take the tramp up and get it before it closes. You will then take another trampoline, then another, then get to the pipe before the spikes.

In the next area you need to use the trampoline UFO things to get yourself as high as possible. If you want the extra life on top, you’ll need to make the jumps as quick as possible. You will then need to wall jump on some moving walls to the top, then take the Launch Star.

From then on, you’re on a section where you need to get to the Sling Star while avoiding the rays.

In the next area, you will have to lure a bullet bob to a glass dome and water will come up. This will allow you jump up to the area where you need to be, and then you can leap onto the platforms you need to go to get to the star, avoiding any rays on the way.

Dreadnoughts Colossal Cannons

You start out in an area where you can drop down and get an extra life by using one of the bomb guys. Take the Sling star back up, and then you’ll need to ride this screw shaped bridge across. I find I had to keep running steadily in place to keep it going in the right direction.

From there, you need to watch out for the rolling Chomp Chomp guys and turn every question mark into an exclamation point. That can be very tricky. There is a first level, and a second, and on the last one, you will be free of the things.

Now you will need to do the screw bridge again. This time, you will die if you fall. You then have to switch to another bridge. You will also need to somehow spin attack two blobbo guys green ball attacks along the way. Go to the Star Launcher and on to the grand event. By the way, there is a Star made entirely of Star Bits that you can get if you look at it right.

This one, you need to start jumping and moving. Use your star bits to kill off any incoming shots, and then start jumping until you get to the top. It is similar to other galaxies that you’ve been to before. You will then have to jump to avoid shockwaves, then on top of the shockwave maker to get the star.

Revenge of the Topman Tribe

This place starts out with a Sling Star that you can only get to by tricking the Green UFO shaped thing to get under it, then bounce on it.

This world requires that you spin attack two red UFO guys into the electrically charged place that is holding the Yellow Luma. Take the shortcut that it offers.

Now, on this place there is a red ground pound button. Hit it, and five Blue Star Chips will appear in various places. The only one that is a challenge to get to is the one high in the air, so trick the green UFO to shoot you high up so you can get it. Take the pull stars to the Launch Star.

I found this next area very hard as you need to totally depend on pull stars in order to get you where you need to go. Just use some determination and wait at the pull star, then go for it. Take the Launch star by getting some momentum toward it.

Now, there is some flat area that you need to go through where you need to avoid some shockwaves. I saw a treasure chest there, but I didn’t bother trying to find a turtle shell to open it.

Now, there is a sense of familiarity to this next part. All you need to do is jump on the saucer man, and he’ll be stunned. Then you need to spin attack him into something electrical. Watch out for his goons, man.

Topman Tribe Speed Run

This one is just like last time, but you have to do it fast. I found the only time consuming thing was just getting the green UFO guys to position themselves so I could bounce up to Launch or Sling Stars.

Dreadnought’s Garbage Dump Secret Star

The same rules apply as did the last time you blew up trash. Do your best to throw the bombs on the places where the gold circles are. That means that your first placement better be spot on for the corners, then I usually throw every bomb I have in the center. That way, when one goes off, it takes all the rest with it.

Remember that it takes ten seconds from the moment a bomb is armed to blow up, so you better have it positioned before the timer hits :10, or have a bomb close to one that will go off.


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