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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 24: Matter Splatter and Snow Cap Galaxy with the Fate of the Universe

Updated on December 30, 2007

Matter Splatter Galaxy

Watch your step

This is good advice. The first phase is simply jumping on places before they melt away. I never gave much advice for the wizards, the second is similar, but it uses some wall jumps. The last part you need a spring, and you need to work your way up. Watch out for grating plates that you can go up from there. You will soon see a Sling Star.

That last part involves just waiting for a path to show up and staying ahead before it disappears altogether. Eventually, you will find your path.

Hungry Luma Star

Snow Cap Galaxy

Star Bunnies in the Snow

The first area isn’t too hard. You’re on a clear planetoid, with a shell on one side and a chest on the other. Use the turtle shell to open the chest. Take the Sling Star.

There is a hard part when you get to the other side and have to catch the bunnies on a certain time limit. What you have to do is find the ? Blue areas and turn them into ! Yellow Areas. To do this, you have to use your blue star pointer as a snow shoveler.

There is one as you get there, then three more under the snow. Then there is another on the top, which will open up to reveal a fire flower plus a bunny. Get the fire flower, then melt a snowman to reveal a bunny. The other snowman will reveal a turtle shell which you should use to open a nearby chest, which will also reveal another bunny.

Chase them all down at this point, and I found it was easier to lead them into the pit, where you will have them trapped. Running after them in the snow was tricky, so say the least.

The Fate of the Universe

At this point, you have more than enough stars, so you should go see Rosalina personally and tell her that you want to go to the center of the universe and face off with Bowser. When you agree, you get to see some pretty neat graphics and you’re off.

The most important part of this first section is staying in the spotlight. Keep going from one to another, as well as floor if there is any gravity.

You will then need to go through the light tunnel. And from one jump over lava to another. Then it becomes ice as you must go along as ice begins to form, and quickly keep moving forward before the ice disappears. Then it is a fun run over the desert sands with spinning flames and trying not to fall off.

Then it’s that weird kind of old school feel as blocks form and gravity shifts. It’s similar to the path you went on in an earlier level. You have to wall jump up one, then another, and you have to do it quickly before it all disappears. Avoid the flames and make your way to the giant light tube at the end.

Then comes the worst part. You have to deal with bullet bills and lava plates. I found that hiding behind a statue was the only way to avoid them, other then just going fast. Just go as fast as you can, and only stop to avoid the giant bullet bill that comes your way. You will get to a Launch Star.

Now all you have to do is wait for Bowser Jr. to give his spiel, and then you can go after Bowser. You need to quickly go up these stairs, but you can still grab a Red or Green Mushroom.

Bowser will take you into a planet, and will jump with that shockwave effect. He will then get a rock shell and roll after you. You will want him to try to roll close, then come up to him on the side and spin attack him. You must aim for the part where his face is visible. Think of it like one of those boulders with the red glass vulnerable areas that you must smash in order to destroy. Bowser will then slide on his back, and you will need to hit him once more. When he recovers, he’ll try the same attack, and you will need to hit him again. This time you need to hit him on his back twice. Remember to let him come to you.

On this next world, you’ll see those green bouncy plants. Bowser attacks with fireballs and such, but he will roll as a spiky ball. When he does, hit him with a bouncy plant. He will then roll on his back, and you got to hit him again. Then repeat like before.

This last world you’ve done before, twice. He likes to breathe fire, then roll. But after that, and the shockwaves, then he’ll try and jump on you. Take him out by luring him on the blue spaces, and he’ll get very angry and run away. You can get him from there and spin attack to knock him on his back. Then swing attack again. You will have to do that one more time, and the game will officially end.

At this point, you will need to wait until the credits are over before you can begin to play again and get the last of the Purple Coin Galaxies.


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      radweldgod 10 years ago

      whet are the green plants that seem to glow on alot of diffrent levels