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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 25: The Purple Coin Galaxies at Terrace Dome

Updated on December 30, 2007

Good Egg Galaxy

Purple Coin Omelet Star

I wish the rest of the purple coin galaxies were as easy as this one. This one begins with 15 coins in a line, then a Star Launcher. After that, it is 10 more coins to the next world, and then 15 more there to the next Star Launcher. Then its 10 more as you fly through the air, making it a grand total of 50 already.

Then there are 10 on this world, then the Star Launcher will take you to get 10 more. Ignore the Star Launcher for now, and you’ll be back on the first world. Take the Star Launcher, but this time take the Star Launcher you pass through. You’ll get 10 more coins, and you’ll be back on another familiar world. Take the Star Launcher, then take the second one as you travel. You will pass through 10 more coins and land on another world you’ve previously visited.

Take the Star Launcher there, then the next and you’ll get the last 10 coins. The star should be on the world you land on.

There are many ways to do this, and I have no way of knowing if this is the fastest, but just one way.

Honeyhive Galaxy

The Honeyhive’s Purple Coins

When you start out, there will be about 15 coins on the level you’re at alone. One of them will be on the other side of the fence, but if you jump carefully on the edge, then peer around, you will see that the other coin can be accessed by a small ledge. There is a coin where the rocks are falling off the edge of the world, but you’ll need to crouch jump then spin attack to get it.

As for the three on that slope, there were some days where I could get all three by jumping, and some days where I just could not. Perhaps you should wait until you get up to the next level to get there.

Now there are about 10 by the fountain area. Six around the fountain, one is at the end of a swing, and the other is on a little ledge that you have to do a backwards somersault to get to. Now the last two are on the ledge on the waterfall. Ignore the pipe for now.

There are about 20 more up here. Take the circular stone that will reveal the sproutle vine. Climb up and go to the other side, and don’t forget to stop shaking when you release. Go to the rock thing, ground pound it, and you’ll see a trampoline. You will see a shadow on it, and you need to hit the edge with a ground pound, you will then fly up atop the box there, and a crouch jump will get the next purple coin.

There is about five coins around the big tree, then 3 around the water, where the Spoutle vine is rooted. You will then have to straddle the fence to get five more, then go to the caterpillar level. There are some coins up there like around the tree and at the edge of the cliff, so go back to the caterpillar area after you have 45.

Take the bridge and ground pound the one area, and two more coins will be revealed that you’ll need to wall jump to get to, then two more on top. There is also some in this area, including a few on the edge of a cliff and two on the very edge. If you get all the coins here, it totals up to 15, and you should have 60 total.

From the one area where the three coins are, you can see a ledge which you can jump down to. This will take you to a ledge underneath the waterfall for a few more coins, plus some at the end. There is one on a fountain that you must grab by waiting for it to shut down, then crouch jump and use a spin attack. The rest are on that level, giving you a grand total of 70.

Jump down to the next level, and you’ll see the fountain. Take the sproutle vine, then the bridge back to where you were before. You may have noticed when you went to get a specific purple coin on the edge, that there were some down there. That area is marked with a coin flower, so jump up there, then the camera view will change. Fall down to get the next coin, then the next. Then there will be a cave that will end in a honeycomb plus three purple coins. You should have about 75 at this point.

Jump down the hollow area. Get the five coins on the way down. Now take the pipe and go to an area where two coins are on top, and a few more on the way down. For a total of 91. Eventually, you can only jump to a place where you’ve seen before, by the fountain. You will want to run up to the fountain, then jump to the ledge on the waterfall, taking the pipe down.

Take the pipe down from there. By going to the left and leaping from ledge to ledge, you can grab the last nine coins. You will now have 100. Work your way back to the beginning, and you’ll get the Star.


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    • profile image

      Jeffy Cool 9 years ago

      Okay let me get this straight, i went through every level getting every star and now i have to beat the game and start over for the last 19 stars? Very clever Nintendo.....but i will defeat your game!!