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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 27: The Purple Coin Galaxies at the Kitchen Dome

Updated on December 30, 2007

Beach Bowl Galaxy

Beachcombing for Purple Coins

Okay, same rule applies, 100 purple coins located throughout this entire level. Let me relieve you by saying there are actually quite few located underwater. If you star there, you can grab a shell and see for yourself. I only found about 5.

Then go from the tiny island-ettes with the docks in between. If you got to the vine with the and then swing and get all the coins, plus all of these coins, you will have about 54. There is also a purple coin above the big penguin’s head that you have to bounce on him to grab. Just don’t forget to climb the palm tree that is hanging over on one lilttle island. You will also have to make some crouch jumps to get some more there.

You should then go to the mainland, as there are a lot to find here. For example, one is located in a corner and is easy to miss. There are many in the palm trees and by the waterfall. You will notice a Spring Mushroom nearby. I found that everything I could get on the mainland area without that Spring Mushroom led me to a grand total of 70.

This doesn’t count the trapeze. Just getting up there is hard enough and it requires a backwards somersault along with a spin attack at times. Then getting to the one place with that coin on a tall rocky pillar is also difficult. What is required is to get off from the swing, then stop yourself in the air as you go over it with a spin attack, then drop down and get the coin. You should have about 77 coins now.

Now go and get the Spring Mushroom, which will allow you to get on top of palm trees you weren’t able to reach before. I found that on the mainland lowest level, I could get 5 for a grand total of 81. Don’t forget to get the one under the waterfall.

Now to spring up to the next level, which requires you to go back where you found the Spring Mushroom in the first place. Spring yourself up, and then explore this upper area, going all the way to the top. There are three coins atop a very high palm tree there, but the rest are pretty easy and in sight.

I found the spring hard to control, so for the last few were so close to the edge I didn’t want to risk falling over. I decided to go into the water, then turned normal so I could walk and get them myself.

Time to return to the big penguin and get a well-deserved Star.

Ghostly Galaxy

Purple Coins in the Bone Pen

You might think that this Galaxy is going to be very hard because you only have a minute’s worth of time to get 100 coins, but it actually is quite easy. What I did was I went around the edges of the boneyard, and you can gain a lot of coins that way. From there, I just collected as many coins as I could, avoiding the spiky creatures.

The Star then appears in the center, and you just have to just go get it.


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