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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 28: The Purple Coin Galaxies at the Bedroom Dome

Updated on December 30, 2007

Dusty Dune Galaxy

Purple Coins in the Desert Star

One good thing about this is this isn’t a timed trial. There are 6 purpose coins in your immediate area which are easy grabs. Go to other side to the next level, and you will need to get some coins that are on the ground there.

The really hard ones are up in the air. I found that to get those, I had use the tornado on a lower level, then spin up to the one on the higher level. It took a few tries, but I got the three coins way up there on both sides. The one on the Whomp is harder, and you really have to wait until you are as high as you can be, and he is down. Get the three coins on him and under him. Next to the Whomp are three coins that you have to do a Crouch Jump followed by a Spin to get higher.

Do not jump into the sand. You will die, period. You really have to play it safe here, which is tough, because you have to get some pretty hard places.

Anyway, jump on the moving platform, and get all the coins there. You will need to get some coins up high, but it is easy with the tornado. Don’t play it too cocky, as you will fall in the sand.

Jump over to the big hole, and before you go to the other side, you should have a grand total of 47.

As for the coins on the other side, it will take some Crouch jumps. You will notice the big circular area. The only way to get to these coins is to hit the red Ground Pound thing.

You will also notice two coins hovering over some sand. The only way to get these is to do a Z power jump and get them.

Now, as for the next area, it’s pretty easy to get the coins over there. Just jump on the tornadoes and glide over to them. The hardest ones are three on the outskirts, and you have to take a few flying risks to get those few. By the time you make it to the hole on the other side, you should have a grand total of 75 Purple coins if they were all collected.

Now, going over to the other side, you will find tornadoes with rocks around them. These are a little harder. I found that you can predict their movement, so just stay on one side, crouch down, then let them hit you to take you higher. Grab the coins you need to grab from there.

At the top of the Ground Pound Switch, there is a coin there. It is difficult to see, but you have to let yourself drop on a certain side. There is also one high above the switch that is very easy to miss, and you have to crouch down and jump in order to get to that particular one. In other words, don’t be in a hurry to punch it down and go to the other side. Check all around. By the time I was ready to punch it down, the only coins that were left were on the other side, and I had 95 total.

Ground pound the button, then hurry up and get the last five coins. Luckily, the last Star will appear very close by.

Gusty Garden Galaxy

Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube

Now here is an interesting one. What I did was I handled areas I knew I could handle. For example, I took out the area with the fountain, which is about 22 coins right there. From there, I went from the signpost to the next area, and got every coin I could from there.

This area was pretty easy to grab from. Next I went over to the area with all the shrubbery and got all the coins there. Then I went in through the tunnel and out the other side to the maze, and the other maze around the corner. I then grabbed any coins I didn’t have already to make 100.

I stayed away from the area with the boards you could walk along and get coins. Even though there were a lot of coins there, it took too long to get them as I lost my balance and fell off the boards.

That is the secret to beating this level. Know where you are, and go to it grabbing as many coins as possible before going back to the fountain.

Freezeflame Galaxy

Purple Coins on the Summit

Since you’ve been to this Galaxy, you know you need to go to the fountain with the ice flower. By the time you make it there, you will have about 17 coins that you can obtain that are within plain sight. There is another coin located above the spigot that you have to get the ice flower to grab, which results in another coin for a total of 18.

There are another two located by a spigot with a ? coin hanging above it. This is the same ? coin that, if triggered, will result in a great many coins being revealed. Now there is a jump to one post that you can only make by jumping on the spigot after you have the ice flower. One is very easy, but the other requires a very complex triple jump in order to get, as the coin is high above the post. In my opinion, this is the most difficult to obtain. You will have to keep trying, but you’ll eventually have a total of 20.

Now, get the ice flower and get yourself to the Star Launcher in the corner. If you do the slide right, you’ll get yourself an additional 5 coins for 25 total.

Now get the ice flower and go up to the next level. Right by the area where the living ledges want to push you off, there are three coins that you will have to jump high to get to. You should have about 35 coins by the time you get there, and this includes a coin located by the second set of spigots.

Keep going, and get all the coins on the wooden crates, ice platforms and other things on the way up. You will want to make a jump from the wooden crate to the snowy ledge on the other side, where there are other coins. Keep searching this area, as their coins that can be easily missed. Jump down where the divit in the wall is, and there is another coin. Take the Star Launcher back up. You should have about 51 coins at this point.

Now take the Ice Mushroom and get yourself to the very top, where you met Dr. Brrr. There are several coins you need to get up there, and you should have a grand total of 79 by the time you get back down.

Now you need to get down to the ice flower fountain below, and get yourself to the Star Launcher that eventually led you to the secret star. You have to do a complex triple jump to get there, and don’t forget to grab the coin by the Sling Star before you take off.

Now you’re at that one point where you need to get the Fire Flower and melt snowmen. There are 3 purple coins here, so make sure to get them before you take the Sling Star.

Now you’re at the point where you need to grab some Fire Flowers and melt snowmen again. Just keep going and get all the purple coins along the way, and you’ll find it a lot easier without any bandits to deal with.

You will then get to that point where you do the Wall jump, and by the time you’re at the tippy top, a mushroom guy will advise you to jump. You should have 96 coins by this point. He will say jump far, so I did the Crouch jump off, then manipulated my shadow so I landed right on the coin. I did the same on the next jump, then went to the Sling Star. This will take you right to the bottom of the slide where you came in from, and you’ll find the last of the coins that you need.

The Star will appear, and you’ll just need to walk to it.


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      7 years ago

      what about the galaxy with the bees????? its in the bedroom!!!!i need help!!!


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