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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 29: The Purple Coin Galaxies of the Engine Room Dome

Updated on December 30, 2007

Sea Slide Galaxy

Purple Coins by the Seaside

Go ahead and grab the first Bee Mushroom that you see, then go to where there is a rock in the middle of the river. Fly to that rock, get the coin, then fly to the tree branch. Now get all the coins in the tree. By the time you are up at the top, you should have a total of 13.

From there, I suggest going down to an area down below, where there are five more coins. Then work your way up and go from cloud to cloud. There is a coin off to the side that you can’t get anywhere else but there. Now work your way around the whole island going from cloud to cloud. I worked from the top of the tree back where I started.

Don’t forget to land every once in a while to get the coins located there. Always be sure you can find a cloud to get you back on the path.

I found the most difficult to find were the three coins that are located under the lighthouse on the surface of the water. Get these last three, and then use the Bee Mushroom to get to the top of the lighthouse. Then climb the pole until the top is reached, and jump to get the Star.

Gold Leaf Galaxy

Purple Coins in the Woods

This is a timed test, and it requires great skill, so listen carefully to beat it. You have to do everything, and I mean everything not to mess up so your time is perfect. Make all the jumps quickly to get to the first level. When the guy says you need 20 coins, he means it.

Navigate through that one area, which you will have to double-back on several times, I am sure. Make sure you ground pound the trampoline quickly, and get back on the course just as quickly. When that one guy says you need to have 50 coins, he means it.

Then you got to get to the trampoline, and don’t for get the one beside it. You will need to get to the swing, then hit the apex, and jump to get all the other coins. You will eventually see a bee that says you have to have 70 coins by that point.

There you will have to make two very difficult jumps. A backwards somersault followed by a spin attack for more height, just so you can get to the next level. Take the Sling Star and quickly walk on the banister to get those coins.

Ground pound the trampoline to get the next coins. You will then need to get to the next level where coins are in a precarious place. I found jumping toward them but not up to them was the way to get them. Ground pound the rock and take the Sproutle Vine to the next location.

When you get here to this location, you have to move quickly, because the platforms do not. The last ten coins are spread out pretty thin, and even after you get them, you need to get the star. I found that getting the star was actually easy, as I just ran over the spikes and allowed the game to take my screaming form to it.

Toy Time Galaxy

Luigi’s Purple Coins

This one was very difficult, and it involves the use of turning right and using two Crouch jumps to get to coins hovering in between two sections. Then you must gather as many coins as you can to get to the original starting place, where you can grab the star.

I had the most difficult time with this part, and just had to keep doing it, dying it, then doing it again. I wish there was an easier way.


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