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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 3: Terrace Dome HoneyHive Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Bee Mario Takes Flight

The first thing you will see is a sign behind you, prompting you to use the camera angles. Why is that? Because there is a lot of Star Bits you can steal just floating there.

From there, head up to the fountain, avoiding the big rocks that roll toward you. You will need to get the big ? coin. This will reveal the Bee Mushroom down below, so go down to the lower level and get it. From there, fly up to the cliff ahead of you, the one where a waterfall is pouring down. Remember not to hit the water, or else you will Bee Mario no more!

Keep going until you hit the next level, where some bugs will be there. These bugs are really weak. One hit with a Star Bit and running into them can take them out really easily. Be sure to talk with any bee you meet along the way. There is a hollow stump at the end of this level, and you should go down into it, taking the slide.

Fly up to the next level, and then fly from honey-coated platform to platform until you get to the Launch Star. On the way, you will see some flowers with coins on them. As Bee Mario, you can walk on flowers, as normal Mario, they will disintegrate below you.

This will take you to another island. What you need to do is work your way over to a bee who says “Grab a flower stem for a boost”. You need to be a Bee Mario to grab this flower stem. There is a Bee Mushroom nearby in case you aren’t one at this time. There is a lot of water around, after all, and you can easily not be Bee Mario.

Once you cast yourself off of the stem, you will be on top of flowers. Stay clear of the water spouts and fly to the highest flower. Fly up to the Launch Star from there.

The next part involves climbing honey walls another thing you can only do as Bee Mario. If you want to, you can take out a plant, summon a Sproutle vine, and get a Bee Mushroom. Of course, you will probably already Bee Mario, but you can get some free coins out of it.

Climb the wall, and the difficult part will be times when you need to fly off of it then on again. It is manageable, though. Once you get to the top, there will be a plant there. Take it out, then climb the Sproutle Vine to the top, where you will meet the queen.

There is a Bee Mushroom on this level, so use it if you aren’t Bee Mario. Fly from flower to flower, avoiding the Water spurts. Fly onto the queen, and you can stick to her. Crawl on her until you find all pieces of the Star Chips. Before I go on, I will have to say that this crawling on the queen is filled with way too much subtle innuendo. Okay, I’ve got that off my chest.

A Launch star will then form, so take it to your next place. Talking to a Mushroom man will reveal the next Power Star.

You will then be in front of Rosalina, on board the (place). She will want you to go to the Garage. I found these guys don’t have much to say, but there is a 1Up mushroom in a crate that you can claim if you want.

Trouble on the Tower

You start out in the same place as before, but this time, there will be big round stones everywhere. To get rid of them, jump on them and do the Ground Pound. The second one you see will reveal a Sproutle Vine. Take the Vine, and stop shaking when you get off of it. You fall and automatically grab another vine, so take it.

There is another stone there that needs to be Ground Pounded. A trampoline will be revealed that has a ? box. The only way to get to it is Ground Pound it, and you will be shot up high. There is another trampoline nearby that you need to take, which will take you to a Sling Star.

That will take you to an area where a Caterpillar roams. Defeating Caterpillars is easy. Just Swing attack them, they go upside down, then jump on them. If you swing attack and don’t jump, they will turn red and move faster. Ground Pound the red round thing in the middle, and cross the bridge that is made.

On the other side, you will need to ground pound on a circular thing. This will cause the whole land to come down, and a sign will tell you to Wall Jump to the next level. Listen to it and go up to the next level. There will be two boards that are perfect for Wall Jumping, and take the Launch Star to the next planet.

The next planet has some bad guys on it that you can easily take out, or you can just get to the Sling Star at the end. This next world gives you the opportunity to use a Rainbow Star to take out the bad guys, so use it if you want. From there, you can fall down the hole at the top to the next level.

This world has a lot of wood, and there is a bee there to say that Mandibugs are a problem. Keep following the wooden path until you come to a swing. Swing to the other side, and follow the path until you see a round red button of a Ground Pound switch. Ground pound it, and a windmill will begin spinning. If you see any Mandibugs, just Ground Pound them on the back. That will squash them dead.

Jump onto the windmill platform to get to the next level. You will then have to deal with the Bad Boss Mandibug, who is easy to defeat. Just Ground pound him twice, and he’ll be history. Take the star.

Big Bad Bugaboom Star

This time, work you way up to the fountain, and stand near the bubble-blowing machine. You will be taken upward to another level, where you can crush a Mandibug and take the red Life mushroom that will extend your life to six hits.

There is a pole nearby, and sliding down it will reveal an area with a bee mushroom. You can take the bee mushroom, and go back up the pole. Then you can fly to the waterfall and go see the queen. She will reveal a Launch Star to you that you must take.

That, or you can start by going to the queen, there are several ways to get to her.

From here, grab the Bee Mushroom if you don’t have it. Launch yourself from the stems like you’ve done before, but fly to the next platform so you don’t plummet to your doom.

Keep doing that and you’ll meet the big boss. Defeating him is somewhat easy. All you need to do is Ground Pound him on the back three times. The first time is as simple as flying over his back and doing a ground pound.

Unfortunately, he starts flying at that time. There are several ways to do this, but you have to get above him and Ground Pound him as he’s flying under you. You can use the stem to fling you in the air, then hover as Bee Mario until he’s under you, or you can stick to the tree, then wait there. There is Bee Mario mushroom nearby so if you hit water, or get hit by his firebomb attacks.

The difficult thing is just getting yourself above him, so use your shadow underneath as a guide for that. After you hit him a second time, he flies a little faster and starts to turn in the air, so it is hard to hit him on the flat of his back. Keep trying, and you will get him, and then get the star.

HoneyHive Cosmic Mario Race

This is always tricky, simply because you have to stay ahead of clone Mario. It actually isn’t too difficult. The stumbling blocks are when you need to jump high, to the next level. Backward Somersault on these, and do it quickly before the Blue Mario does.

Luigi Star

In this galaxy, it was pretty easy to get to Luigi. What you need to do is go to the fountain, and hit the ?coin. Then use the Bee Mushroom to fly up to the level where the the waterfall is. From there, fly up to the next level from there, and Luigi is in a tree. Fly up to him and knock him off with a spin attack, and he’ll give you a star.


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