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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 30: The Purple Coin Galaxies of the Garden Dome

Updated on December 30, 2007

Dreadnought Galaxy

Battlestation’s Purple Coins

This one is a lot like the other galaxy, as you must ride a series of platforms and collect all of the 100 coins in order to win it. Star Bits are available to use in case you need to shoot down some cannonballs that will come in your way.

By the time gravity flips you upside down, you should have 17. As you go here, you will have to jump on some stationary platforms and then catch up to the platform you missed. You will have to get three coins in this jump, and if you miss, you might as well start over again. By the time gravity flips you right-side up again, you should have 32 coins.

You’ll then have to quickly get the coins. The good news is once you get to the Whomp, you can “rest”, as you have the option of catching up to the platform you have to leave behind. You do have to jump to the top of the Whomp via backward somersault and get three coins on top, then one under him. That can be difficult.

Keep going, and the platform will go up. There are two coins that are easy to miss that you must grab on the way up. Before you turn sideways, you need to have 58 coins.

This sideways place is where I always seemed to buy it, so I usually pelt it with Star Bits. You should have 69 to get through it before you turn upside down again. There are two coins you must get here, then you have to make a big jump to a stationary platform or be swept off. I usually prepare for the backwards somersault before it happens, then grab the rest and then I’m ready to go right side up again.

Take your time and mentally prepare yourself, if you stand where you should jump, you’ll get coins on the way down. You should have 75 total. This next section is hard, and you have to get every one, sorry.

By the time you get the last 95 coins, you will then be at a place where there will be two robots who will have shockwave attacks. What you need to do is jump on one, and get four of them. Then use the spin to get your way to the other platform, then jump on the last one to the Launcher Star. You’ll pick up the last coin on the way, and you’ll get a Star when you reach the end.

Deep Dark Galaxy

Plunder the Purple Coins

The only trouble with this galaxy is finding all the purple coins. If you go in behind you there are 10 at the bottom of the water, two below the dock, and two near the surface, one on the other side from where you started out. That is about 14 total.

Search every ledge and you’ll find about 14 or so more.

On the ship, there are very many, but the hardest will be these two located directly under the crow’s nest, which one requires a backward somersault until you hit the pole, then a wall jump to get. The other you can climb the pole and cast off, then spin attack, and you should get it. Both are pretty difficult. There are other coins that are hard to get, but casting off the pole is how it is done.

Go to the top, then make a Crouch Jump to grab that one far in the distance. There are several underwater and around the ship. Some of them you have to jump then spin attack to get, but they are obtainable.

There are several underwater, and you can do spin attacks and they will be sucked right to you.

Watch out for shadows, as they are the indicators that a coins is there and you will need to do a crouch jump to get at it.

As for the land around the ship, there are plenty. Just get to them, darn it!

Melty Molten Galaxy

Red-Hot Purple Coins

This level is all about finding the purple coins. Many of them are sitting around unprotected. Some are hovering over lava pits, which require you to leap in order to get them, one of them is over a rather large lava pit. You will need a Z Crouch jump to get this, trust me.

There is one that hovers very low, and to get it you have to fall, then spin attack quickly to get to the other side. That is tricky, but doable. There are about 31 Purple Coins in this area, so make certain to get them all.

The ones on the metal platforms are also tricky. You need to let them sink to a level, grab the coins and jump off or move so it will tilt in the other direction. There is no other way. You can get more this way.

By the time you get to the other side, you’ll see some steamers with a bunch of coins on them. Take the all the coins, then go up to the circular rock Ground pound and then wall jump. There are a bunch of coins up here. By the time you get to the Sling Star, you will notice a coin hanging over the edge, hang yourself over the edge to get this one.

Take the Sling Star, then take the other Sling Star to get inside the volcano. Get all the Purple coins here, then take the Launch Star out, but let yourself slide down the Volcano to get the last three Purple Coins.

Now comes the trickiest of jumps, where you have to get to the small area and then to another. I found this hard simply because it is difficult for me to see if you’re facing Mario in the right direction. I did it by jumping, then often jumping up to let the thing rise again, making certain I was facing the right direction before jumping.

You will need to go to the other side, and then you will need to do some backward somersaults to get to the higher levels, and watch out for the steam vents. Then you need to precariously bounce your way back to get to the Star.


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    • meteoboy profile image

      meteoboy 8 years ago from GREECE

      Good strategy . Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      nathan 8 years ago

      great but can you expllain it easier like do the game first then tell me