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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 4: Flipswitch, Loopdeeloop, Sweet Sweet Galaxy, and Bowser Jr.’s Robot Reactor

Updated on December 30, 2007

Flipswitch Galaxy

Painting the Planet Yellow

This one is pretty tricky, as you have to turn all the ? spots to ! spots. What I did is immediately went down the vertical wall, and flipped all the switches there. That means doubling back in order to make certain that they are flipped, but it works.

Then go back up the wall until you get to the robot thing that makes deadly shockwave rings. After he makes three rings, he will pause a bit to recharge, which is a good time to rush him. Remember that you can jump on him. You will have to time it right, but you can bounce down to the next level.

The last level calls for avoiding that deadly razor platform that moves around and around. Once you finally “paint the planet yellow”, Ground Pound the shockwave robot and trampoline yourself to the star.

Loopdeeloop Galaxy

Surfing 101 Star

This galaxy is the first where you are surfing on a ray. I found that I kept going off the track for the curves, and so I usually did not use the A button there.

I just kept going around the track until you beat the time, and then you’ll get a Star. That’s about all I can say about that.

This is one of those galaxies where it doesn’t really matter what you do, but how you do it.

Hungry Luma Galaxy

The entrance to this is located outside the Terrace. All you need to do is feed the Hungry Luma 400 Star Bits, which you should have easily accumulated by this point in the game. Feed it, and it will create the Sweet Sweet Galaxy, which you can take the Launch Star to.

Sweet Sweet Galaxy

Rocky Road Star

It will be tough to access this one. You have to jump along this area that is full of holes and electric fences.

The first conveyor will have two electrical barriers that you must time well before you jump. The next one will have barriers on the side which must be avoided, and watch out for holes.

In then gets kind of hard as the whole floor thing turns in a circular way. Avoid the holes and try and grab the 1Up. That way if you fall, it is easier to get back up again.

Precariously jump to the next destination. The hardest part is clearing that electric part, so time your jump so you have ground to land on when you get there.

Ah, yet another time in the Strategy Guide where I can’t give you any better strategy other than: “Just do it until you get it right”.

Bowser Jr.’s Robot Reactor Star

Megaleg’s Moon

When you go here, you will see many things such as the necessary Launch Star under a glass dome. There is only one way to access anything under these domes is to break these open. What you have to do is go to the cannon that is firing the living bullets. Allow the bullet to get a bead on you. (He will have red eyes.) Then have the Bullet Bill chase you and duck out of sight before it hits the dome. It is a difficult maneuver, but doable. You can get the coins, 1Up, but make sure to get the Launch Star.

As for the guys in the Steel helmets, it is fun just to spin attack them until they fall into the black hole.

From there, Bowser Jr. sends his Megaleg after you. The trick to defeating him is running up his leg. Avoid the Bullet Bills by leaping over them, then watch it as you run across some cogs.

When you get to the top, a Bullet Bill will be after you. Use it to take out the Cage around the star. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get the Bullet to the glass cage, as fences will appear. What you need to do is get the Bullet Bill to chase you, take out a fence piece, then take out the glass that covers the star. That can be difficult, as the fence pieces will only stay down for a short period of time. You also need to go down a little to get a bullet to chase after you.

All in all, it is kind of tricky. However, you do get a Grand Star.

And the place called The Fountain is opened.


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