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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 5: Fountain Dome, Space Junk Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Pull Star Path Star

Take the First Pull star, then shake the Wiimote. Keep using the Pullstars, gathering the Star bits along the way.

Eventually you will get to a planet that is like three bubbles. Gather the pieces of Star until the platform appears. Use it.

You will land on a Rocketship. From there, it is some Pull Stars that you need to use to Navigate around a weird asteroid field. Just keep using them to pull you around those things.

From there, you will land on a platform with some weird spiders. They can be defeated by spin attack or jumping on them. Get to the top and free everything that is in the Crystal. The Toad’s Spaceship will land there, and you will need to jump to it to talk to the Captain upside down. He tells you where the next Power Star is, through a SlingStar.

When you land at this one platform, you will have to go through this crystal maze that forms as you go. The trick is waiting for the proper area to form before you walk on it, which can be very tricky. You need to find five white stars that are trapped in Bubbles. Free all five, and it will be over.

Kamella’s Airship Attack Star

You will start with two starship mushrooms. Jump to the other and talk to the captain, and he’ll give you the mission: Save the crew. You will need to take the Slingstar.

On the first ship, there are two Goombas, so take them out. On the upper deck there is a question mark box. Use a spin attack to throw the Lever Switch, and a bridge will appear.

Cross the bridge, and the rabbits will tell you about spinning jumping, which will make you go very high. Use it to get to the crate and the Sling Star. You can collect the coins and 1up nearby if you want also.

There is a question box here, and it can only be reached by hitting Z, then A then shaking, this will take you way up. On this next ship, there are some Goombas, so take them out. If you free the Toads, they will tell you a secret. Now, go to the shell in the center, and you’ll learn to pick it up and then shake to attack. For example, you can open the treasure chests. You can also take out the wizard on the upper deck who is using flaming fireballs at you. However, you really need to open the chest behind him, which contains the Slingstar.

On this next ship, there isn’t much on top. There is a pullstar which can send you down the smokestack and in a room with the Star Bits. You can get an extra life there alone. However, you need to take out the two guys on the other ship. You can do that with shells, which are attached to turtles. Take out the turtle shells and get the bad guys. The bridge will come down. There are two chests there, and you can get a red Life Mushroom, along with a red turtle shell.

The next area you will face a giant wizard. What you need to do is take him out with what he throws at you. His red shots will be flaming fireballs, but his green ones will be shells that you can take. As long as you are close to them when you’re doing a shake attack, the turtle shell will be yours. When you get one, launch it at him. This can be tricky due to direction. Just be sure to be moving toward him when you launch.

After two hits on the wizard, he will make duplicate wizards. Try jumping to the ends of the ship to avoid their fireball attacks, and concentrate on getting green shells. Once you have them, simply take out the little wizards, then concentrate on the big wizard. You will then get a Power Star.

Tarantox’s Tangled Web Star

You will start out on mushroom ships, and a Toad guy will tell you your destination. Take the first Pull star, then shake off. You will need to get as many Star Bits as you can.

Take the pull stars until you come to this transparent planet. There is a hole on top that you can jump in. Get in, and take the Sling Star.

You will then be at a place where there are many spider guys. Take them out. You will soon come to a place that is like a sticky rubberband called a Sling Pod. What you need to do is grab it and shoot yourself to other Sling Pods.

When you get to the zone shaped like a rocket, be sure to get the red mushroom. You will need it. In some places, there will be coins showing you which way to go.

When you get to the last planet, this is where you will face the big boss, Tarantox. Start by jumping onto the edge of the web and shooting yourself into the center.

You will see a spider with four globes on its back, along with one on the back side. What you need to do is jump on the web, stretch yourself back like you’re on a Sling pod and hit the globe on the backside. The Spider will flip, and red orbs will be exposed. Stretch yourself back on the web and hit those red areas before it turns over again.

Once all three red areas are removed, it will go into an attack where it spits all everything at once. Get yourself behind it and hit it in the backside once more, then take out all three red globes.

Once the big spider is dead, you will soon see a star that you’ll have to shoot yourself to.

Pull Star Path Speed Run Star

Just like the first thing, but you have to do it faster. Places to pick up speed are when you gather the five points of the star transport, and when you reach the place with spiders. Don’t take too much time. If you can use one Pull Star instead of two, do it.

The Crystal pathway is one that you have to do quickly, so make certain you have plenty of time to get back before it ends.

Yoshi’s Unexpected Appearance Star

There is another star located on the path of Tarantox’s Tangled Web. What you need to do is feed the Luma 50 Star Bits on that Transparent planet.

There are plenty of opportunities to get Star Bits before that. On the first place you stop, there are three crystals. You can beat the spiders to get more. Go into the transparent planet, and you’ll find even more.

From there, you will be transported to a planet that is a giant wooden Yoshi head. Take out all the Goombas on it, and a star will be revealed.


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