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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 6: Kitchen Dome, Battlerock Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Battlerock Barrage Star

In this first foray, you will need to collect the blue star pieces. Once the Star Sling is formed, use the pullstar to get to it.

You will then be on a platform where you will need to jump into the center on a trampoline to get to the next one. The game will show you how to activate it. From here, it is a difficult road as you must dodge cannon fire, and go under or over the platform, depending on what obstacle you go through.

You will dock with another platform, and it is quite simple from there. Just go to the next one, and you’ll see tracer Bullet Bills. Get them to follow you and burst the star cage open.

Breaking into the Battlerock Star

This is all about the bombs. Grab them by shaking and release by shaking. Put them near the cages, and the Sling Star will be free. Follow it.

There will be this multicolored thing here. If you free the yellow star with a bomb, it will get you to where you need to go.

From here, it’s traveling from Pull Star to Pull Star to get to the Sling Star. The spiky things can be taken out with Star Bits if they get in your way.

You will soon arrive on a giant capsule. If you want, you can do a big jump, Ground Pound the big red thing, and you’ll get lots of Star Bits. Take the pipe down.

You will land near a walking bomb. Shake attack it and pick it up, using it to destroy the cage. Then use this cannon which you can use to aim and hit the giant crystal. Take out the walking bomb on that side and get in the cannon there. Keep shooting yourself through the cannon until you wear the crystal down to a Sling Star, then launch yourself in it and shake when you get in the center.

Now, you will be at one place where there is a bomb on one side and a cannon on the other. Get the bomb, and leap or go around the electric fields to take out the glass cage. There is a 1Up here, too, if you want that. Use the cannon to blast your way to the star. This can be tricky, due to the things blocking it. My advice is wait for the opportunity to present itself, then sieze it.

Topmaniac and Topman Tribe Star

As you start out, these gopher things like to throw wrenches at you, but Star Bits can cripple them and then make it so you can jump on them. Use the pull stars to get to the nearest Sling star, then take a little ride to the next.

On this next thing, you will see a Luma star surrounded by an electric field. What you need to do is hit the top guy into the electric field. You can then use his Star Sling.

Take out the gopher and take the pipe down. Here, gravity changes all the time, and hitting levers can manipulate it. Be very mindful of where gravity points. For example, by the time you get to the ceiling, a jump that is too high can result in gravity changing direction and falling. Eventually, you will get to another pipe.

In this room, a robot emits pulses. You can jump them, but it’s better to wait to rush him between intervals. Jump on the thing, and you’ll be trampolined to the next level.

Here you must take out the electro field with the two top robots. It’s pretty easy. Leave the room, and you will see a Sling Star. Take it and go.

The last thing will involve you and the boss. To get there, just travel up until you reach the stairs, and jump into the arena. What you need to do is jump on him, then, while he’s vulnerable, Spin attack him into the walls. You will need to do this three times, and the last attack will make top guys come after you. Take them out, or take out the saucer.

Topmaniac Daredevil Run Star

Same as last time, but only one life, thanks to the daredevil comet. It’s actually pretty easy. Just follow the directions above.

BattleRock’s Garbage Dump Star

On the one place that is multi-colored, there is an option for feeding a Luma 30 stars. If you don’t have that much, use a bomb and destroy the glass around the rainbow star. Collide with the rolling black balls, and you’ll have plenty of Star Bits.

The key to this one is the marks on the floor. You can use a Star Bit to get a coin from those, but think of these as markers. Put bombs there, and you will be fine.

If you do, he will show a way to BattleRock’s Garbage Dump, where you can blow up trash to get a star.

The key is strategy. The bombs take 10 seconds to detonate from the moment you touch them, so plan ahead. Put them in places where their explosion will do the maximum damage. There are gold places where, if you aim a Star Bit, you’ll get a coin. I didn’t really need these coins, but I found they were the perfect places to set the bombs.

The worst part is those piles of trash in the corner. Once you take them out, you’ve got the game. Then pile all the bombs in the center and get a big boom to take out any and all piles of trash available.

Luigi under the Saucer Star

Start out like you’re going to do the Battle rock barrage. Do the whole rigmarole until you come to the end, and go on the other side of the metal disc you are on. You will see Luigi trapped in a glass cage.

Getting him out is tough, because it means luring a Bullet Bill over there, this can be difficult. You need to jump on the other metal disk from underneath it, then lure it over.

When Luigi is free, he’ll give you the star.


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