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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 7: Rolling Green, Hurry-Scurry, Slingpod Galaxy and Bowser’s Star Reactor

Updated on December 30, 2007

Rolling Green Galaxy

Rolling in the Clouds Star

This involves lots of careful rolling, as it is an eyehand coordination move rather than strategy. Still, it helps to go as slow as possible. If you feel you are going too fast, roll over the nearest Goomba to slow you down. Eventually, you will make it to the flag, then will need to climb the pole, balance on top, and jump to get the star.

Shrinking Satellite

Hurry Scurry Galaxy Star

This one simply needs a strategy to win. Before you take the path, take out the Goomba with a Star Bit. It will spin of course, and you can run at your whim. When you get to the question mark box, jump as many times as possible before the ground shrinks. Shake as you fall through the Star Slingshot.

You will notice the geometric place where you are going as colorful note things on it. When you get there, simply follow the trail. Eventually, the path will fork, so you must go left or right. Keep following it, not missing a one.

After you get them all, the star will appear, and all you need to do is fall in to get it.

Bowser’s Star Reactor Star

The Fiery Stronghold

Just getting here can be difficult, so follow the path well until you ride a green platform. Remember that gravity is going to shift funny later. For example, at one point, you can proceed only by leaping up and onto a platform beneath you. It will make sense when you’re there. Then you will need to leap up and get to the ceiling, avoid a flame and a Whomp. Again, it will make sense. Ride the yellow platform

From there, you will need to avoid a Whomp and three flame throwers. You have to time it to just before the Whomp falls to when those ignite. It takes a little bit of trickery to fool the flame lines after that, but it is doable.

Bowser appears and starts to crumble the path. That shouldn’t bother you much, and I recommend taking the time to get the red Life Mushroom. You will soon arrive where Bowser boasts.

From there, you will be on a small world with Bowser. Now, he attacks in a few ways. When he jumps up and down, he will emit these lines which can do you harm. You should jump over them or get to higher ground. After that, Bowser will do big jumps in an attempt to crush you.

What you need to do is stay near a blue glassy area. If he hits that, he will do damage to himself. (Warning: The blue areas become lava, so don’t go near them after it. You will only hurt yourself instead of the Bowser you should be hurting.) He will turn around the planet, but he will come back to you. When his back is turned, hit him with a swing or spin attack. He will then land on his back and slide somewhere, so swing attack him again.

He will then get angry, and shoot fireballs. Try to avoid them. Now, this time, he will jump, emitting two shockwaves. He will still do the long jumping, so trick him again into landing onto a blue glassy area. He will run, so swing attack him when he comes around. This time, he will go on his back and keep on going, so make certain to wait until he goes around before you Swing attack him. If you try and outrun him, you might not get him before he gets up again. If that happens, then it will not count that as a hit.

On the last time, his fireballs get faster, and he emits three shockwaves. Trick him into the blue glass, and this time, you need to Swing attack hit him three times. Remember, when he’s on his back, better to let him come to you. Especially on the last time, where he moves very fast.

You will then get the Grand Star.

The Hungry Luma will come and hover around the Fountain Dome sometime before that. You will have to give her 400 Star Bits. The Sling Pod Galaxy will be revealed.

Sling Pod Galaxy

A Very Sticky Situation Star

From the get go, you have to get in a Sling Pod and time it in between the Cannon fire.

At one point, you have to time it with cannons and a shielding going on. This is tough, believe me. The trick to it is always making sure your aim is true. This can be difficult, due to the 3-d viewpoint.


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