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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 8: Kitchen Dome, Beach Bowl Galaxy

Updated on December 30, 2007

Sunken Treasure Star

In this game, you will need to learn to swim, which is a talent that the penguins can teach you. You will then need to go underwater and collect five Star Chips. The first is on a rock on the bottom very close to the area where you first enter. The other is in a clam shell, which opens and shuts slowly so you should be able to get it before getting hurt. There is a crate in the middle of the seafloor that has another Star Chip. Close to that crate is another Star Chip that is near a penguin. The last one is located in a corner, in front of a giant Moray eel of a monster.

After those are assembled, take the Launch Star up to the next level. If you want, you can use the ? Coin to get a long line of music notes and get a 1Up. You will then need to Ground Pound the Big Blue ! to get the 1Up, and the bridges that will appear will disappear momentarily. I found it was better to do a Crouch Jump and spin at the top to get up that high.

When you get to the top, Ground Pound the other Exclamation Point, and make two walls appear. Then do a wall jump several times to get up to the big crystal that holds the star.

Passing the Swim Test Star

This one is pretty simple. You need to go up to the biggest penguin, who says that he’s doing a swimming test. All you need to do is bring him a gold shell for an A.

The toughest part is finding the penguins that swim along with it. Spin attack and you’ll snatch it out of the penguin’s flippers. The shell will then swim all by itself, and so you can use it to swim back to the instructor, who will award you with a gold star.

The Secret Undersea Cavern Star

In this part, you need to go underwater, grab a turtle’s shell, then hurl it toward an crack in the wall. A penguin is there to tell you about the crack if you don’t see it. There is a small tunnel underwater, so you might want to get some air before you swim in.

You will need to get to the end of the tunnel and take on the bats there. I found them to be real nuisances, as they can fly above you. You can use Star Bits to take them out, then Spin Attack them. That, or wait for them to strike. Still, they have a way of annoying Mario. There is a big stump thing in this room that you must Ground Pound, then take the Launch Star.

There are some cubical Whomps here, but the ones you need to worry about are the ones that roll along. The key is to go to the areas where they are hollow underneath. Wait until they come along, then go underneath. Then simply just go your way. I always grab the first 1Up that I see, so just in case I didn’t make it. That way, you don’t have to constantly lose lives. Cross the weird spinning rock and follow it to get to an area where a Whomp goes continuously around. Take the path out of its way.

From there, it’s all about getting under the Whomp at the right time so you will have plenty of time to get out of their way later. Keep up this strategy, and you’ll make it right to the star.

Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone Star

Just like last time, only faster. You will make it, don’t worry.

Secret Star

To get this star, what you need to do is go underwater and grab a Turtle shell. Then you need to go to the main island, and jump up until you get to the pool underneath the waterfall. On the other side of that area is a treasure chest, so hurl the shell into that. Take the Launch Star that is revealed.

You will come to a place where Quackenjumps roam. There is a big ? coin that you need to get to, and the only way to it is lure a Quackenjump to you. That will take a little goading on your part, but make sure it follows you.

Now, when you get the coin, and ice flower will be revealed. Take the flower and run to a set of waterfalls, the one furthest away from you. Keep wall jumping up until you reach a Sling Star, then wall jump until the next one, then there is one more wall jump before the final one. It is important to do this quickly, as Ice Flower power is temporary. So make it quick.

Now, you will soon be at a level with some ice cold water. You will need to grab the ice flower, then run across the water to the Quackencamp. Lure him over to the one area where the Star hovers. The Quackencamp when then hit you up, and you’ll get the Star.


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      josh 8 years ago

      secret star advice is key. thnx.

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      mike 9 years ago

      this advise helped me alot on the game