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Survey Scout Review What Does BBB Have To Say?

Updated on September 21, 2008

Fact or Fiction?

I found a review hub earlier today on Survey Scout praising them for how much money you can make with them and what awsome customer service they offered their members. The person who posted this hub did not allow comments so I could not ask some very interesting questions to them, therefore, I decided to do my own research on the company and write my own review. I am sure the comparison will be as different as daylight and dark between this hub and the other one, who is obviously an affiliate member of Survey Scout.

BBB Was Most Enlightening

Upon doing a search for Survey Scout with BBB, I immediately noticed that this company that is supposed to be so legit and in business for so long is not accredited with the BBB. However, they do have a pretty extensive file on the company which was opened (the file) in 2004 through complaints to the BBB.

Upon personally visiting their website, I quickly noticed all the normal sales hype on the home page that told you everything about how you can make money EXCEPT for how much it costs to sign up. You have to actually sign up with them before you can get that information. This was a red flad to me before I ever went to the BBB. It's one thing to have to take a free tour to get all the info but quite another to have to actually join before getting a price!

Conflicting Information

Their website claims to have a money back guarantee. The charge (according to BBB records) is $34.95 to obtain access to a list of hundreds of market research companies that are looking for survey takers. It also states in their website that they use clickbank. Now, one of the questions I was burning to ask is that after I pay the $34.95 to join Survey Scout, do I then have to pay the $40 some odd dollars that clickbank charges, too? The reason I know this is because I joined clickbank once and that is what it cost me. Therefore, if you have to pay that on top of the $34.95 you have already paid Survey Scout, you are fast appraoching $80 and haven't gotten started yet!

I would also be keeping in the back of my mind that this is not a home based business I am starting but rather working in an employe type of setting where I would be working for the companies. Now, I don't know about anyone else but if I pay anyone one red cent to go to work for them, it will be in my own business. I will NEVER pay an employer to let me work for their company.

Now, they can argue with me until they are blue in the face that I am purchasing an excellent service that I can't get anywhere else but I would not be convinced of that. With a little research, it was easy for me to find marketing companies on my own that didn't cost me a thing to find. This is similar to paying these companies for a listing of real estate foreclosures when that is all free of charge to obtain with a little research. When i visited, I had no problem pulling up an entire page of these companies throughout the U.S., complete with street addresses and contact names and numbers.

Who and Where Are They?

According to BBB reports, Survey Scout charges $34.95 to gain access to a list of companies that MAY be offering survey opportunities. In their disclaimer, concerning earnings claimed on the website, they state, "note that earning money from surveys is not under our control and depends on many factors, such as the number of companies a person signs up for, the demographics, the number and types of surveys currently being offered by market research companies, etc."

BBB also reports that there have been 46 complaints within a 36 month reporting period with only 2 resolved within the last 24 months of that reporting period. Many responses have gotten no response when BBB enquired. They also state that based on their files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with BBB due to the unanswered complaints.

The report goes on to state that the file contains a pattern of complaints from consumers who report that the company;s claims of work at home earnings are misleading. Consumers report that they paid a fee of $34.95 to make money by filling out surveys for market research companies. They report that they did not earn any money and have been unable to obtain a refund.

Contact Information Mostly Bogus

The BBB reports that two of the company's mailing addresses, one in Marysville, OH and one in Dublin, OH are mail drop boxes within the UPS stores. Survey Scout says that their parent company is Edgestone Group, Inc, which, according to the Texas Secretary of State is located at a P.O. Box in Flower Mound, TX. BBB has requested basic background information from the company but has not received a complete response as yet.

I decided to do a google map search on the address and came up with no results. I also did a phone number search through and got no results from the yellow pages but when doing a person search for the same number, came up with simply a location of Boise, ID with no other info. The phone numbers listed as fax numbers turned up no results with the same procedure except one on a person search which showed up a location of Marysville, OH.

Another number that was listed as simply an additional number with the same searches turned up a result of a listing in Flower Mound, TX for Edgestone Group. The same number also showed up as a personal listing for Scott Hall in Roanoke, TX. However, Steve Little is listed as company president with Scott Boyce as Customer Service Manager.

The phone number listed with the Geneva, NY address for this company turned up as a listing located in Columbus, OH with no other info. How many red flags have you counted so far? Trust me, it gets even better!

Take Notes and Keep Up, Now!

Now, according to BBB, this company also operates under the name Hedgestone Group. Upon searching for this company, the only one I found with the same name (other than the Survey Scout affiliate site to Hedgestone Group) turned out to be a real estate company with a url redirect to what Hedgestone Group calls its parent company of Sherman Properties USA. Now, when the url redirects, the only thing you find is a 404 error page saying the site may have been removed.

Now, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box but.....this doesn't look good! The only thing I was able to find out for sure about addresses and phone numbers is that they go all around the world to lead to nowhere! For all of the answers I found today, I had only more questions.

Tell me, now, would you want to work for someone who had no dependable contact information, no physical address listing, complaints out the wazoo with BBB and many unresolved due to lack of response from the company? Nevermind that they are charging you a rediculous fee for something you can get free of charge with a little research! Give me your take on this?

No matter how you dress it up, it's still a maze!

Photo courtesy of vgm8383
Photo courtesy of vgm8383


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    • rodney southern profile image

      rodney southern 9 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Very interesting hub. Well done!

    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

      Thanks, Rodney. Guess I am an inquiring mind lol. I would have asked the member all these questions if he hadn't disabled the comment section. That made me have to do all the hard work myself lol. Thanks so much for reading and posting!


    • Karen N profile image

      Karen N 9 years ago from United States

      Good article, you really went to a lot of work checking them out.

    • profile image

      Vicky 8 years ago

      Great research! I too, have been doing some research on this, "so called, work from home company." And I found out the same things. One road leads to another, but no final rewards in the end. Again, great job in keeping other people informed on what really goes on here.

    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

      Thanks for sharing Vicky! I can't imagine that anyone who is affiliated with this company did any research on them before joining or else they just weren't familiar with the type of red flags to watch for. Either way, it is really sad.

    • profile image

      Annette J. 7 years ago

      I was so glad to see this from you. I was going to join another work at home business that offered me to pay my membership in SurveyScout as part of the deal. I guess not a greal deal at all. Your research has saved me a lot of time and trouble, as well as others I'm sure. I can't thank you enough.Keep up the work and its people like you that remind us to do research before giving a company our money. If you do know of any legit work at home business I would sure like to know them, I am a single parent who just lost my job, due to the recession and have been looking for a job with no luck. I need to generate a income soon, my savings is running out. God Bless you and keep up the good work, you really do help other with this kind of research.

    • profile image

      Rav 7 years ago


      great post and you saved me as I almost tempted to join this f*k scam portal.


    • profile image

      Teresa M. 6 years ago

      This is TRUE! Survey Scout STINKS like a barrel of rotten eggs. If it smells like a rat,its a rat.

    • profile image

      mary 6 years ago

      Thanks for doing all the research. It sure proved interesting.

    • profile image

      Minkah from Ghana 5 years ago

      My Good Lord Bonnie!! Do you hold a PhD in Underground Research or something. I just cant thank you enough for the info you have provided here. There are a couple of these sites that i was just about to join without any background check but i think you have really opened my eyes. Thanx a lot. I am now going to follow you to be guided more so please dont stop being a the vigilante that you are. Thanx once again and God Bless You

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