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Teachers- how do you make your classes more student centered?

Updated on November 2, 2007

student centered curriculum

In the late 1980's there was a shift of schools from general to student centered curriculum. Formerly a student learns based on the subject matter but educators changed the curriculum whereby a student can choose what he is going to learn. When student is inclined or excel in a certain field he got the option to take more units on the subject which will become his specialization like mathematics, science government. or music later on. This new curriculum enables the individual student to enjoy what he likes to learn and do covering more than what the old curriculum offers which is composed of general courses rather than specializing on one subjkect matter.. Educators could advised students to pursue their future careers after discovering their specializations. The old curriculum dictates but the new curriculim develops the student's abilities and provide students the appropriate activities. In the old curriculum you may find that most students are bored because of lack of interest in that particular subject. The new curriculum which is the student centered is mostly used in our schools today.


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