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Ten Most Annoying Celebrities

Updated on June 14, 2008



Ten Most Annoying Celebrities

Here is my list of 10 annoying celebrities that bother me, make me itch and sadly brings a tear for the looming demise of a once great America.

1.Myle Cyrus ~ Myle Cyrus has well exceeded her entertainment value. As Hannah Montana she made preteen wannabe's shed their innocence in a "Disney" sort of way. Enough's enough, Myle is now moving onto her "Lindsey" stage and the whole "look at my bra" is becoming boring and redundant.

2.Paula Abdul ~ Paula Abdul has to be the luckiest woman on earth, although she was adorable and the quintessential "80's" girl, that's just where she should have remained. Paula Abdul has managed to land herself a comfy chair on one of the most successful Television shows of all time. What she is lacking, is the microscopic brain it would take to realize her good fortune. Could she at least give us a slight attempt at earning her millions without annoying us? Spit it out already! Is that too much to ask? "By the way Paula, you do look lovely tonight."

3.Kimora Lee Simmons ~ If America had a poster child for the truly shallow and pointless, Kimora's expensively made-up face would grace that definition. How she was able to trap a fine specimen of a man called Djmon Jihutsu, I will forever remain confused. Please Kimora, get a turtleneck.

4.Donald Trump ~ A man who needs no introduction, as he incessantly invades our innocent T.V. Screens for the most shameful self-promotion to ever hit the airwaves. Who decorates their homes in solid gold, purchases a Barbie stepford wife and takes valuable time to comment on Rosie O'Donnell, other than the leader of the comb-overed insane?

5.Perez Hilton ~ I am probably being too kind in listing Perez Hilton with any sort of Celebrity status, but in a new world where it really doesn't take much to have your name scrawled on a front page, Perez Hilton makes the grade. I'd be less than honest if I didn't say that I do frequent I find his site to be full of comedic sarcasm and a lively gossip break, but, and there's always a "but" with annoying people, he has absolutely no boundaries. Ridiculing celeb's that make millions a year for I'm not sure what is all fine and rosy. It's the under 18 set that I find a bit unnecessarily intense. Do we really need to call Rumour Willis "Potato Head"? Or asking why Madonna's daughter Lourdes sports a mustache? I think not.

6.Rachel Ray ~ Sure, she's a great cook, why else would we know who she is. But, does she have to be so obnoxious? Calling her food ingredients "guys" and becoming orgasmic when she finishes her entree's is a bit much. Please make her stop.

7.Bill O'Reilly ~ Arrogant, unconscious and bigoted. Bill O'Reilly is on this list for obvious reasons. If you ever passed by his television rant or helplessly got your radio station stuck in the midst of his insidious chatter, then you would have noticed he mentions needing you to purchase his book after every ridiculous comment. I care not to give him much more space, then to say "Bill O'Reilly, I hope your days are numbered."

8.Pamela Anderson ~ All fakeness aside, (pun intended) Why must we know every new conquest of this vacant-headed actress? If the bobble head decides to share her St D's, it's her own personal business, is it not? I'm finding it hard to believe that America is a better place because this Canadian decided to raise her right stiletto and become an American citizen.

9.Elisabeth Hasselbeck ~ The delusional woman who lives in a glass house. It takes all my strength not to throw my granola at the T.V. Screen when she begins her brainwashed tirades. Is it just me or does she become more annoying with every new spawn?

10.Dr. Phil ~ The Quackster makes this list because of his monotone voice and "holier than thou" nauseating persona. We do not care to hear his opinion on the struggling and demonized Britney Spears nor do we thank him for bailing out the teen hood from Florida just to nab a first interview. Dr. Phil has outlasted his worth and needs to retire with laryngitis.

As a final note, I'm having a bad hair day and needed to spew and vent. I hope these "annoying" stars take that into consideration before they sink back under the rocks from which they came.


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    • Hoodala profile image

      Hoodala 9 years ago from Mesa

      A very good start to what could be thousands of hubs about annoying celebrities.