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The Adorable Aries Woman

Updated on June 18, 2008

April 19, 1979

Reese Witherspoon ~ April 22, 1976

Sarah Jessica Parker ~ March 25, 1965


Ahhhh, the Aries woman. It will be a rare event to find an Aries woman proclaiming her need for a man. The most independent of all zodiac signs, the Aries woman will find her own way in the world. She is extremely capable in managing her own business and then going home to create an exceptionally warm haven.

A born leader, an Aries woman will most likely take charge in the romantic department, as well. This woman loves a good challenge, playing hard to get is a sure fire way to ignite her passionate fire. On the other hand, ff the chase is deemed worthwhile in her eyes, she may get down on one knee and ask for your hand in marriage. An impossible offer to refuse, you will then gratefully accept and prepare for the ride of your life.

The Aries woman has a generous spirit and will have no qualms about sharing whatever she has with you. Love might be a different story though, you might have to go through a rigorous screening process, but what's a few hoops? Unwittingly, soon after, you will find that the Aries woman has an extreme jealous streak. Her nature will not allow you to display a long lingering gaze at another female within her sight. If that was to unfortunately happen, it will soon turn into an explosive encounter, that trust me, you'd rather avoid.

You'll also discover quite early on, that the Aries woman will be an amazingly loyal ally. She will cook, clean, work two jobs and nurse you back to health, while still looking impeccable. Be aware, though, that you'd never want to foolishly hide information or become secretive with her. There is no wrath quite like that of an angelic Aries. Optimism soon returns and she will then turn around and be the first to forgive. An Aries beauty is able to keep her high spirits in the face of the most dismal outlook, a quality Aries women universally share.

An Aries woman also has a creative flair and can conjure up the most whimsical and detailed of fairy tales. She will help you to overcome your self-doubt and shattered illusions in the sweetest of ways. An amazing Aries will, no doubt, be there for you no matter what the future holds. Be assured, though, that this will be a magical existence where everything and anything will become possible.

Diana Ross ~ March 26, 1944

Ashley Judd ~ April 19, 1968

Jennifer Garner ~ April 17, 1972

Celine Dion ~ March 30, 1968

Keira Knightly ~ March 25, 1985

Bette Davis ~ April 5, 1908

Sarah Michelle Geller ~ April 14, 1977


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