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The Best HDTVs on the Market

Updated on September 30, 2007

The last article I wrote was about buying an HDTV within a suggested price range. This article is focusing on what are the best HDTVs to buy, as seen by critics.

The following HD televisions were voted the best by Consumer Search.

Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR2. This 40-inch flatscreen might be a good choice for well-lit rooms, and it will outperform many other LCD TVs. It has deeper blacks with 1080p resolution, and off-center viewing is better than average. It will cost about $2,235 USD.

Samsung TX-T3093WH. The 30-inch could be one of the last quality CRT HDTVs available, and they have a rich image quality. The downside is that they are quite bulky and heavy. At an estimated $650 USD pricetag, it’s probably the lowest price HDTV on this list.

Panasonic TH-50PHD9UK. This is a 50-inch HD-ready plasma monitor, and they are very deep black levels. You will need to use it with a cable box or satellite receiver. This will probably cost around $1,600 USD.

Sony KDS-60A2020. A 60-inch rear projection HDTV, is bulkier than a flat-screen or LCD TV, it might be worth the money. It has the highest resolution with excellent detail, rich blacks, and good color. It also has an automatic iris adjustment which varies light output based on content, which means it knows when to drop its brightness level in case of glare. It will run at about $2,500 USD.

Optoma HD72. This HD Front Projector will throw a 100-inch image on a wall or screen, and projectors may be the way to go. This is one of Texas Instruments Brilliant Color Technology, which can adjust for image quality. You will have to shell out about $1,800 USD for this one, however.

These next HDTVs were reviewed on, and are the editor’s choice of their best TVs.

Pioneer PDP-5080HD. Once again, another set that can produce some of the deepest blacks we know. This 50 inch TV has a price that will be somewhere around the $3000 USD price range.

Pioneer PRO-FHD-1. Though it has a high price, many find it delivers superb picture quality as well as accuracy of color. You get what you pay for with this one, as the price is around $3,200 USD

Samsung LN-T4665F. This 46-inch plasma screen outperforms many flat-panel LCDs, but may not be as good as other plasmas. The cost will be somewhere around $2,900 USD.

Sony KDS-R60XBR2. This 60 inch TV has a lot of features, and will run you about $2,750 USD.

Panasonic TH-50PF9UK many might not find this particular television will not be affordable. It does have the 1080p that many will prefer over 1080i, and you might be able to tell the difference. You’ll need to pay 2,700 USD for it.

Panasonic TH-58PZ700U. The 58-inch rear-projection big-screen TV has very superior image quality. Expect to pay around $3760 USD for it, though.

Panasonic TH-42PZ700U has a lot of good things going for it. The price is a little lower than what is normally on this page, at about $1,500 USD

Samsung HP-T5064. This 50-inch screen is top of the list for plasma TVs, and will go for about $1600 USD.

Samsung LN-T4665F is a shiny and reflective screen has a good reputation, better than that of most LCDs. You should be able to purchase it for a cool $2250.


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