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The Crucifixion

Updated on March 21, 2010


Highnoon 29 A. D.

The sun which shines brightly begins

to darken suddenly.

Up there at the place called GOLGOTHA

A great event is being unfolded.

THUD !!!


THUD !!!


My friend cries in a great pain

For three years he has been with us

So precious are the days with him.

He told us parables,

He washed our feet,

He fed us,

He told us great promises,

About the mansions in heaven

About the Holy Spirit

About the Loving Father

And about the coming kingdom of GOD

But suddenly this event took us all by surprise

Is it the end of everything?

"He saved others, but he can't save himelf!

He is the King of Israel! Let him come down

now from the cross and we will believe him."

There goes his mockers.

They have suceeded in their schemes.

They were able to crucify him at last.

That afternoon they are jubilant about their


"I Thirst."

The broken-herated man, hanging on the cross

gently uttered.

Is it a thirst for a drink?

Or a thirst for the love which the sinful world

denied him.

To be alone

To be forsaken

To be afflicted

and worst of all

To be broken-herated.

What a great tregedy

That befalls the man.

"Father forgive them for they do not know

what they are doing."

Is this a man ?

What a beautiful heart he has.

He is not holding anything against his


Yet till his last breath he is loving them.

I have never seen such a man

in all my lifetime.

I hane never seen his likeness before

There is no one like him among the sons

of men

I do believe in my heart

He is indeed the Son of GOD.

I must come to him now

And seek his forgiveness

before it become too late.

"Jesus, remember me when you come into

your kingdom."

"I tell you the truth today you will be

with me in paradise."

The thief was able to steal the greatest

treasure at the last moment of his life,


Darkness came over all the land

A great earthquake shook the land

From top to bottom the curtains of the

temple was torn in two.

"Father into thy hands I gave my spirit,

it is finished.

It is finished.

It is consumeted.

The task of redemption is done.

What a costly salvation.

That took the precious life of the only

Son of God.

For a fragile mankind

Which is just a mere clay

Breathed only by the loving Father

To see the beauty of life.

Have A Blessed Season of Lent!!!

GOD Bless,

Cristy Santander


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    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 10 years ago from Manila

      Thanks Wehzo for appreciating this hub . Remain blessed always.

    • profile image

      wehzo 10 years ago

      Very good Cristina327. I love the way you put it all together like that; very graphic and vivid. Thank you.