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The Day in Pictures ~ News Without Words

Updated on January 21, 2008

(1.) An Indian fireman sprays water on fire in Calcutta, India on Saturday, January 12. A major fire broke out in the city's biggest wholesale market, Burra Bazar, which engulfed more than 2,500 shops and spread over several adjacent buildings. However, no casualty has been reported so far.

(2.) A woman walks towards a gold store as she passes a statue of a mouse celebrating the Chinese Lunar Year of the Mouse in Hong Kong on Saturday, January 12. Gold closed higher in Hong Kong Friday at US$892.50 an ounce, up US$15.45 an ounce from Thursday's close of US$877.05.

(3.) Well-wishers using wooden tubs to splash cold waters on to themselves during an annual cold-endurance festival at the Kanda Myojin shinto shrine in Tokyo, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2008.

(4.) Eagles await transfer to a warm U.S. Fish and Wildlife warehouse after being rescued from the cold on Friday, Jan. 11, 2008 in Kodiak, Alaska. They were among 50 eagles which dove into the back of an uncovered dump truck full of fish guts and became too wet to fly away.

(5.) Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian and his wife Wu Shu-chen cast their ballot in the legislative election at a voting station in Taipei, Taiwan, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2008. Taiwan's legislative elections are widely seen as a referendum on President Chen Shui-bian's effort to carve out a non-Chinese identity for the self-governed island.

(6.) In this photograph dated on May 27, 2003, New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary waves as he arrives for an official ceremony as part of the Mount Everest Golden Jubilee Celebration at Durbar Square in downtown Kathmandu. Nepal's Sherpa community was plunged into mourning on Friday, January 11, over the death of Sir Edmund Hillary, a "second father" to a people whose sacred peak Everest he became the first man to conquer in 1953.


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    • best of the web profile image

      best of the web 9 years ago from US

      Thanks chabrenas.

      nice info about using capsules :)

    • chabrenas profile image

      chabrenas 9 years ago from middle of France

      A good start. Nice pics and an interesting selection of news. Now you need to practise using the tools for creating and movng capsules, using the boxes on the right in your creating/editing session. (Click on Help at top right for more detailed instrucions)

      1. Create one capsule for each news item and on for each picture.

      2. Click on the boxes representing the capsules, and drag them around to change the order, e.g. picture - associated story - picture - associated story - picture - associated story. Then click the 'reorder' button to fix the capsuls in their new places.

      Have fun, and welcome to HubPages.