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The Greatest Weight Loss Secret Revealed

Updated on November 19, 2008


Just getting started is the greatest obstacle that many people face when trying to lose weight. This article will reveal the greatest, often underestimated, weight loss secret that will assist you in your weight loss journey, whether that is to lose ten pounds or one hundred.

The very first, and possibly most important, step you must take when trying to lose weight is to set yourself weight loss goals. Setting goals establishes something to work towards, a clear path to follow allowing you a sense of achievement each time one of these goals is met. Failure to set goals can be the unravelling of your weight loss efforts.

It is important to be aware of what you want to achieve and how much work is needed. The goals you have set will give you the determination and the drive to continue and achieve results.

 Many people make the mistake of saying they want to lose weight but never set an exact figure to their goal. This is not enough because how can you achieve a result if you haven't given yourself anything to work towards? To get started you need to write yourself a goal sheet, or a mission statement. Be precise and state exactly what it is that you set out to achieve;

 1. I will shed 20 pounds of excess fat from my body

 2. I will remove 3 inches of unwanted fat from around my belly

 3. I will fit into my size 10 jeans by November 30th


You may set as many goals for yourself as you like but here is the trick, make sure you write them down on paper. Writing down your goals lets your subconscious know that this is what you are going to achieve, it is not just an inkling of an idea in the back of your mind but rather a plan that you are going to see through till the end.

Make as many copies of your goal sheet as you can and place them around your house, in your car, on the refrigerator, you may even laminate a sheet and hang it in your shower. This acts as a constant reminder, and will help to remove any temptations that could obstruct your weight loss efforts.

 Of course, having said that, it is important that your goals be realistic in order for them to be achievable. If you have 50 pounds to lose it is unrealistic to consider that you will be able to lose that weight within the next 2-3 weeks, at least not safely anyway! Setting a goal like this is inevitably setting yourself up for the fall, and will only hinder, if not halt, your weight loss efforts. Unachievable goals only lead to frustration and disappointment.

 For safe and permanent weight loss, losing 1-2 pounds per week is recommended. With this in mind you can set your goals accordingly. It does not matter if it takes you 8 months, 10 months or 2 years to lose the weight. The important thing is you are headed in the right direction, you are taking the steps that are required to lose the weight permanently and you are achieving your goals along the way. This is your time to take action, to feel confident in who you are and what you are able to achieve.



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