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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Chapter 22 Underneath the Tower of the Gods and Return to the Forbidden Fortress

Updated on May 20, 2008

After this is over, you will then descend into the sea where there is a White Castle. Enter in, and you’ll see that everything has a black and white tint to it but you. Your necklace will go off, warning you about a puzzle on the statue of the Herald.

You will see three triangles. You need to go down to the one level and push some triangles around until they fit into the triangle drawings on the floor. They don’t exactly push around as easy as the giant cubes, because they usually flip around. Once they are in place, the statue will move, and you can head to the basement.

You will then find the Hero’s Sword, and then everything, including bad guys on the top floor, will come to life. You will have to face those pig like guards and the Knights. The Knights are the most difficult, for you have to go around them to get to them. However, they do have the biggest stashes. Be sure to get the Knights Crests, as they will come in handy later.

The room will not let you out until you defeat all the enemies, and once you do, the shields will fall. You can go out the back way, but there isn’t really anything there. Your boat will tell you it is time to head back to the Forsaken Fortress, so you might want to set your course there.

When you get to the Forsaken Fortress, the best way is through the door. Hit it with a few bombs, and you can enter right in.

Now, when you enter in, you will have to deal with a tough mini-boss. He will be in the air and shoot energy bolts at you. What you need to do is listen to your necklace. Make sure you see him coming when you get into range. When he fires his bolt at you, swing your sword and hit it back like a tennis ball. You’ll have to do it again, and eventually, he will fall to the ground. Hit him with your sword, and he will move to his next phase of attacking.

At this point, the attacker will be on the ground and appear and disappear. Hit him before he gets you, and he will diappear forever. Now, get the new item in the chest that appears…a Skull Hammer.

Now, you’ve been in this area before, so follow the way by going up the stairs. Smash the stumpy things with your Skull Hammer, and destroy all the goblins who continually get in your way.


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