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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 11 The Second Part of the Forbidden Forest

Updated on May 14, 2008

This next room has a fungus on the door as well, but the seed is guarded by pesky spiky tentacles that come out from the floor. Use your Deku leaf to fan the seed toward the door, then use that seed to take out the fungus like before.

Open the door and you’ll enter quite a large room. What you need to do is take a right and use your grapping hook to cross the gulf. Then jump across to the other side. Jump onto that moving wiggling platform, then the next. Grab the seed and jump on the center platform. Then go to the door with the seed and take out the fungus.

This room has a pit in the center with a treasure chest. Here you will meet the one-eyed burr monsters. The only way to get rid of them is a spin attack. Press and hold B, then you’ll knock them all off. Get what is in the chest, then get to the other side and open the door.

This room has a lot of tentacles that spring up out of nowhere. What you need to do is move slowly and walk around them. There are small gaps in the middle, but if you move too fast, the tentacles will hit you. Walk to the left side of the room, and use the bomb to open both boarded up doors. Get in the first and grab the key, then you’ll need to work your way around the room. Eventually, you’ll get to the chest which holds the Dungeon compass. If you like, you can use the Baba Bud to get at the vases on top, but there isn’t much there.

Exit the room, and you’ll have to deal with the burrs on the other side as you did before. Go to the next room, and you might want to go travel all the way up to the top, where there is a pile of leaves. Use the Deku Leaf to remove the pile, and it will reveal the steaming pot. In case you die, you could take the shortcut here. In the meantime go to the hanging center of this room, then work your way to the door with the lock. Open it up and enter.

Take out the propeller guys that you see, and use the fan motors or the Deku Leaf to take the platform to the other side.


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