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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 12 The Third Part of the Forbidden Forest

Updated on May 14, 2008

This next area involves you fighting a bug who sprays those burr things. He’s actually pretty easy to take out with your sword. Those Burr things can be tough, but use spin attacks to be rid of them.

There are a few monster plants here, but you want to use the Baba Bud to get to the next treetop level. You will then have to face off with propeller monsters, so try and take out as many as you can. Get the final level, and get to the door without fungi on it. Take out the center treetop and chop the grass, and fill up your heart level. You’ll need it for the mini-boss.

The Miniboss is one giant fire butterfly who actually isn’t hard to beat. The key is let it come at you, then use your Deku Leaf to blow on it. It will stumble in the air, so you can run up to it and hit it with your sword with a jump attack.

It will then switch its attack strategy, so be careful as it does these low flying maneuvers that can really take you out. Eventually, it will do its next attack, so keep using the Deku Leaf, and try to spin attack chop off the burrs it leaves behind.

Speaking of left behind, I believe this is the first instance of the golden feather in this game in the treasure trove. Keep them in your Spoils bag, as they will come in handy later.

Once the mini-boss is dealt with, walk over to your treasure chest and claim the boomerang! Use it to take out the two things above the caged door, and you can leave the room.

You’ll soon be back in an old room, and you might find it easier to take out the propeller guys with the boomerang. You can also use it to take out the fungi on the doors.

This next room has a lot of hanging vines. You can take them out five at a time, then use your Deku Leaf to soar to the other side. It’s pretty easy. Don’t forget to check the treasure chest on your way out.

You will now find yourself in a room that you have seen before. See the flower hanging from the ceiling by five vines? Take them all out at once with the boomerang. That flower will crash through the floor with a large hole, revealing another way you can go. You can then jump down and you won’t be hurt. Take the doorway out.


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