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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 17 The First Part of the Tower of the Gods

Updated on May 20, 2008

Enter the tower, and you will notice the rising and falling waters. Work your way eastward until you come to a barred door just past the waterfall. There is a pink spot that will turn green once you stand on it. The bars will open, but won't stay open after you leave. You must put a weight on it, like one of those statues.

Enter in and you'll see a gulf in the room that fills with water every so often. Jump into the gulf and put a box on the pink switch. A bridge will appear that will allow you to cross to the other side, but only when there is no water.

Grab the big stamper thing and you will see the door glow. Cross the bridge and leave the room. It will allow you to take the stamper with you. There is a hole made for it right outside. A cage will open, and another way is made.

Before you go that way, stop by another door due south of there. You have to wait for the waters to fall, but enter in.

This room has several nooks at its next level and you need to blow some of the walls up with bombs. Some nooks have ledges and are easily accessible, like the one with the chest containing the Dungeon Map.

There is one nook that requires you to move a block in front of it, climb it, let it rise, and place a bomb there. That will take out the wall and the box, so you will have to move another box there to get to that spot. There is a joy pendant in there for your trouble.

Get into your boat and go around the corner to the east. You will see a barred door, so use two statues on switches to remove them.

This next room is sort of hard. What you have to do is go into the gulf and wait for the water to leave. Then push the boxes around so that when the water goes up, there is a clear path that you can jump across to the other side. Take a stick a light it then cross your path to light the torches. If you fall in, your stick will go out, and you’ll have to do it all again.

It can be pretty aggrevating, but eventually you will get there. A chest with a key will appear. Electric chu chus will also appear, and you can defeat them if you want.


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