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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 18 The Second Part of the Tower of the Gods

Updated on May 20, 2008

Once you have the key, head west. There are some walls to the west to blast, but only when the water is high. You can then go to the stairs, grab a stick, light it, and go downstairs to light the torches. Defeat the electric chu chus with some boomerang the slice them with your sword.

Enter the room upstairs. Defeat the flaming skull and get the dungeon compass. for the door at the bottom of the stairs. Open the door and defeat the electric Chu Chus, and a stairway will appear. Grab the stamper thing and leave, head upstairs and drop it off. The falls will stop and you can go to the entrance it makes.

This next room has some mechanism in the center that will blast you with a laser if you enter too far. You need to stay on the edge of it. Take a statue and get to the other side, placing it on the pink switch. Then take another statue and put it there. Watch for rats, and take them out with your boomerang if they get too close. Put your own weight on the last switch, and some platforms will start moving. Work your way up until you reach the door.

Round Room

In this room, head out the pink glowing door to the east.

Take the floating platform to the other side, using your Boomerang to take out any electric Chu-Chus along the way. Go through the door.

This room has some weird glowing stairway and floor. What you need to do is go to the top of it, and then jump to the other side. There is a stone there that says what you must do. Hit the R button, and the statue there will come to life. You need to get that statue to the round room.

Let it follow you on the twisty-turny area. Sometimes it can get stuck around corners, so be careful there. Pick it up when you get to the end, then leap to the other side. Take the doorway out, then keep carrying it when you get to the floating platform. Once you bring it into the round room, it will set itself up.

A stone will be revealed. Walk up to it, and you’ll see specific directions for a new spell with the wand. You have to push the joystick left, and use Left, Rest, Right, Rest to activate it. This is the Command Melody, and you need it to get the other stones.

You will then need to go west out the door. You will see two fiery flying skulls, and you can use your Deku Leaf to take them out. Use your grappling hook on the branch up above to go west to the other side, then open the door.


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