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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 19 The Third Part of the Tower of the Gods

Updated on May 20, 2008

This room also has a grappling hook branch, which you must use to go further west. Walk up near the dais of the statue and hit R. The Statue will come to life and follow you. Walk to the pink switch and put your weight on it, and you’ll notice that a bridge will appear. Cast the Command Melody. Your essence is now in the statue, so make it cross the light bridge to the other side. Hit R to return to normal and use the grappling hook to swing back to the other side. Pick up the statue and walk out the door.

Go ahead and put the statue on the pink switch. You will see the bars on the door of the south will be shed, and you can use your grappling hook to get there. You will of course have to change your direction.

Here is the mini-boss, the Big Knight. You need to use some moves to hit him from the back, then his armor will fall off. It’s pretty easy to beat him after that.

You will then get the Hero’s Bow. You will have your first chance to use it as soon as you leave the room. Take out the fire skulls, and hit the eye with an arrow. Two blue platforms will come out. Use your grappling hook to get to the side with the idol, grab it, and use the platforms to get to the other side.

You’ll notice that when you get to the other side, some things will happen, two statues will come to life. Allow me to explain how to take them out. If you L target them with an arrow, they will freeze. Hit the jewel on the back of them with your sword twice, and they will go crazy and explode.

Enter the door, and the idol does the work for you. Another set of bars will open.

Why not have some fun before the last one. Take the eastern door, and you’ll see some new developments. Some flying wizard will be on the other side but you can take him out with L targeting and some arrows. He’ll be down in two hits. Get rid of the Chu Chus, and stand on that platform.

To the south is an eye which you can shoot with an arrow. A new platform will come out, and you can ride it to the top to another door.

Now, these bad guys look bad, but they are actually easy to defeat. Simply L target and hit them with an arrow. Then with another L target, throw a bomb in their mouth. They go a little crazy and get faster, but they will soon blow up, leaving much treasure behind. Once both are gone, a chest will appear containing a Joy Pendant.


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