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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 20 The Fourth Part of the Tower of the Gods

Updated on May 20, 2008

Go back to the Round Room, this time go south. Go back down to the one room with the rats and the laser, and leave on your boat. Head to the room where you found the Dungeon Compass. Use your map and you’ll see a room with a Chest yet to be found. This room has a eye there, so shoot it with an arrow. A chest will be revealed that has a Treasure Map inside.

Okay, return to the Round Room and go North.

In this room, you’ll see a scale in the center with two bats flying around. Take out the bats with your boomerang. If you jump on the west scale, it will descend. You will see that there is a stone wall that you can blow up. I simply stood near it, and timed my bomb to blow up at the right time when I threw it. I don’t know any other way.

Go west out this door. Now, there are some more of those odd statues that I have described before. However, they will remain still unless brought to life. If you check the floor, there is a marking for the wind. Stand on this marking and cast the Winds Requiem spell. A chest will appear, and the statues will come to life. Take them out like before. In the chest will be a Treasure Map.

Go east out the door. Take the first platform, then take out the flaming skull with your Deku Leaf. Jump on the next platform, and hit a nearby eye on a post with an arrow. If you want to, you can travel to the other posts to get the contents from the vase. The post will then go up and down. Jump on that, and then jump off at the treasure chest. You will now have a key.

Go to the platform rising up from there, and then to one going from side to side. Take out the flaming skull with the Deku Leaf. You will have to hit a difficult eye, but once you get it, the post will float to you. Jump on it, then aim for the eye over the door. A chest will appear, and you can get another Joy Pendant. Work your way down to the door.

To get to the door with a lock, climb up the ladder, and grab a statue. Throw it on one of the sides of the scales, then throw another one on to match it. Jump on the tray without statues and to the north side to unlock the door.

From here, you will see the idol, but you won’t be able to get to it because it will be guarded by a laser barrage. What you need to do is climb to the top of the large box in the middle, then jump off, using your Deku Leaf to glide over the lasers. Call the idol with R, then use the Command Melody. Make the idol put its weight on the switch, and then end the spell. Run over and grab it, and then leave the room.


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