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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 21 The Fifth Part of the Tower of the Gods

Updated on May 20, 2008

As soon as you leave the room, that wizard is back. Take him out with arrows, and then go to the other side to put three weights on one side of the scale. Go and grab the idol, and go to the other side. Take it back to the room.

A pink light in the center will appear, and if you get into it, it will take you to the next room. There is a treasure chest in the corner guarded by a laser barrage, with three switches on it. Take the two stautes from the other side of the room and use them as weights for two of the switches, then use yourself as the third weight. Get the Big Key from the chest.

Watch out for the laser that goes off within close proximity. If you want, you can use your boomerang to get the stuff in the tiny vases around it.

Two small statues will come to life. Take them out, and the bars of the door will open. You will then go up some stairs. There is an evil bird on top that you can take out with your boomerang or bow and arrow. You need the bow and arrow to take out the Laser towers. When the eye appears, L target it and shoot it.

That works for the first two laser towers. The third, just stay close to the wall.

An evil bird will soon come close. Take it out anyway you please. The next set of laser towers can be taken out with the bow and arrow. As for the last one, I found it was easy to walk on the yellow edge, then just run in between them.

Take out the vases there, and enter into the Boss room. This used to be the bane of my existence, but it is actually easy. What you need to do is have your arrows and bombs ready.

Take out the hands by L targeting them and hitting them twice with arrows. They will fall limp. After both hands are limp, the head will want to fight. You have to take out each of his eyes twice with arrows. This can also be done with L-targeting. Don’t take too long on this, because the hands will come back and want to fight.

The head also does this attack where he spits fire at you like a machine gun, so run out of its way.

When you have disabled the head, throw a bomb in its mouth. It will then blow up, and that is the first part. Repeat this two more times, and the foe will be beaten.

Collect Piece of Heart, and go into the light. You will then find yourself at the top of a tower. Climb the ladder, then use your grappling hook to grab a branch on there. You will ring a bell, which will cause a light to appear in the sea.


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