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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Part 26 Fire Mountain Island

Updated on May 21, 2008

In that room, will be a new spell called the Wind God’s Aria. Casting it will be in 6 time, which requires a right on the joystick, and then special moves. There you will meet Fado, a man with a violin shaped like a leaf who tells you to find one who has that violin and play that tune.

From there, go visit Fire Mountain. Warp yourself to Dragon Roost Island, and then head South. You need to get in front of the volcano, then aim an ice arrow toward its cone. Once it is frozen, you can walk on it, but you only have five minutes to get what you need.

You will need to work your way up to the opening on top. Just keep traveling, but go to the right fork when the path goes two ways. Also, make sure you sidle on that one area.

When you get to this area, use your boomerang to take out the fiery bats. Jump from one hard rock to the other, until you get to the other side, where the fire centipedes dwell. Take them both out, and a chest will appear. Once you have the power bracelets, you can move the large stone blocking the entrance and exit.

Jump down from the top of the volcano, and head to the Southern Temple like you did before, east of Outset. You can simply walk up to the headstone and move it easily. You will then see a spell that you can cast on your wand, and it is the Earth God’s Lyric. A spirit named Laruto will show up and she will tell you to look for another with a similar instrument.

Now that you have the fire and ice arrows, there are two dungeons that you will need to face. The first is the one to the north, but you need to stop and get someone in order to go into them. The first is Medii, on Dragon Roost Island.

Stop by Dragon Roost Island, and go into shore. By the way, if you look high on the cliff, you’ll see a string of bomb plants near a large rock. If you hit one of the bombs with an arrow, it will set off a chain reaction that will blow up the rock, causing a chest to fall. That chest contains a 200 Rupee piece.

Go into the cave and take the curved ramp to the top. You’ll find some interesting things to the left and right. (Describe left later.) Now, on the right, you’ll need your grappling hook to get to the next side. Climb the ladder and you’ll see Medii, and she’ll be playing that instrument that Laruto had.

Get in front of her and conduct the Earth God’s Lyric. Medii will then faint, and you’ll see a weird movie.

You will then have to take her to the Southern Temple. Warp her there to the closest landmass, Outset Island. While you’re there, you might want to stop for a bonus power. Take your Knight’s Crests to Orca, by now you should have more than ten, and he will show you a cool sword move.

Set your winds East and go to the Southern Temple. Before you get in, the Boat will warn you to use Medii, so listen very well to what he tells you. Get to the entrance and play the Earth God’s Lyric again. Medii will play her instrument, and the door will shatter open.


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